Breakdown to Breakthrough

Breakdown to Breakthrough

Breakdown or Breakthrough?      Yes the choice is ours!

I recently took a step back from anything that I literally didn’t “have” to do in favour of nurturing myself and having a well earned rest. I had been feeling increasingly triggered by everything and I had so much going on I really wanted to roar and just be left with my own energy to rest and refocus.

It’s not a nice feeling – I knew something was going on for me but I was unable to see what it was. So I retreated into myself – I had a brief few hours where I had that awful feeling where I couldn’t see the way forward and everything was full of gloom and doom. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and I felt almost everyone within that world conspiring against me and restricting everything from my circumstances to my physical being.

Thankfully I had the awareness to see this for what it was and rather than fall down a deep hole, I could actually now take the time to explore this energy. I felt like I was going through a process of imploding and exploding over and over again. I was exhausted. However when I stopped fighting it – the waves of discomfort slowed in their intensity.

Rather than breaking down and feeling like I was going under I began to see glimmers of light. I began to breakthrough the barrier and shed the structure that had tightly held me, a bit like a butterfly breaking free from a chrysalis.

During the process you can’t see your way forward, everything feels like it is breaking down and you feel that you are being swallowed up by everything around you. However that is when the magic happens, that is when you can begin to reform your energetic signature, when you have the chance to shift through previous barriers and restrictions.

During this process you have to be bold but the boldness is not an external or “doing” thing it is having the strength to look deep within, really looking into the depths and allowing yourself to see what is going on, knowing that shining the light of awareness on it that you have the opportunity to transform it into something fresh and new. To turn it into something more fitting with the version of you that you are having the opportunity to evolve into. You need to let go of some aspect you don’t want to be able to create the room for something new and that also is true of energy. If we keep the old vibration then we will always have that attachment that will hold us in an energetic place where we no longer need to be.

So, when feelings of overwhelm arise and you begin to have these horrid feelings rather than falling down that hole – why not take time to explore and consciously assist this process.
You get to choose what parts you are no longer willing to allow to restrict you and in overseeing what you replace with a more positive light you are stepping up and taking responsible action for your own growth.

It may well be difficult but it will be worth its weight in gold!

If you need help through this process then do book yourself a free session to discuss your needs here >

YOU are the one YOU have been waiting for!

YOU are the one YOU have been waiting for!

I have been keeping a close eye on what has been going on energy wise – mainly because I have found the energies just a little bit tricky. I know a few people have been struggling with it so thought I would share and see if I can shed a little light on what is going on.

We are now in what is often referred to as Eclipse season and we kick started the process last week with a total solar eclipse which was sadly not visible from here in the UK.

I found that energy really pokey for want of a better word. For a few hours before the eclipse and for around 18 hours after I felt like I had been put onto fast forward. There was thoughts and energy coursing through my body that I couldn’t physically keep up with – it was exhausting!

Thankfully that settled but was soon replaced with lots of peaks and troughs of energy. I felt full of energy and motivated one minute and thrown into exhaustion and confusion the next. Thankfully I was totally aware of what was going on and was able to support myself. It feels at times – like I am melting and dissolving into a new upgraded version of me.

By the weekend all seemed calm but then yesterday things started to shift up a gear. It seems we are also having the energetic effects of both  Mercury and Chiron retrograde. Mercury retrogrades can often feel like anything that can go wrong does and that we just don’t get anywhere fast, especially when it comes down to communications. I don’t feel it like this at all this time and if anything am more driven than I have been for a few months now. Chiron is often referred to as the wounded healer and I feel this is influencing a huge part of what is going on energetically right now. We are being offered a platform to release wounds that we may even be unaware that we have been carrying.                                                                             ( Please note than I am not an astrologer and I don’t profess to fully understand anything of these planetary influences other than how I feel them personally)

The energy really has a “wake up and smell the coffee” vibe. It is not a time to sit and wait for things to happen but to get our sleeves rolled up and take full responsibility for our energetic housekeeping. Ditch what you don’t want including outdated patterns and self limiting views. Allow the synchronicities that arise when we do this to lift you to where you need to be. Don’t over analyse, don’t procrastinate – its time to dive in and flow with all this potent energy and see where it takes you.

It seems we are being offered an opportunity to really shift through a whole lot of “old” stuff but without really having to dig into it. A lot of people have been picking up on the weaving thread ( pardon the pun) and it is indeed a time to realign the thread that runs through our own lives and all our energetic experiences. There is a spiralling and cyclical feel to the process and as we twist and turn through this spiral we arrive at the point where we can choose what threads we connect and which we dismantle. We only have small windows of this though and therefore need to be nimble and not over think the process – feel into the energy and allow that to guide the re patterning process.

There is a feeling of timelines collapsing and that we either bring forward the energy from that time or don’t. There is no revisit promised and lessons are being compacted. Can you feel it? Do you feel the potential? Will you be brave and allow this ripple of energy to create a lasting change within and for you?

I encourage you to explore over the next few weeks and to be BOLD – be COURAGEOUS – be unapolagetically YOU.

YOU are the one you have been waiting for – and the TIME is NOW

I witness your metamorphosis through the eyes of my own change

With Starlight love

Sally xxx

Are you connected to your soul purpose?

Are you connected to your soul purpose?

Have you always felt there was something important you should be doing but could never quite put your finger on it?

Do you bury this feeling under a mound of day to day stuff until it surfaces and the feeling of dissatisfaction raises its head again?

I fully understand your pain  ~  I was that person too!

Sometimes it is easier to stick with what we know than getting out of our comfort zone and allowing those uncomfortable places lead us towards something new. That fear of not being good enough, that feeling of being too vulnerable if we dare to be different, the fear of being judged. The list is endless.

The loneliest I have ever felt was not being alone but being surrounded by people who were so totally different from me and my constant striving to try and understand these people and to find how to squeeze myself into a box that just wasn’t for me.

Unfortunately this happens too often for too many people. Is it any wonder we feel overwhelmed and jaded, even more so when that nagging feeling of having to break out and find our true path arises.

As children we gravitate to what we love and what feeds our soul, however as we grow we learn that these things often bring negative attention from friends and adults. We feel that we need to somehow blend in with those around us so that we don’t fall victim of ridicule or exclusion. We leave our soul passions gathering dust in some long forgotten corner of ourselves.

When the feeling that you need to do something “more” it is that little spark that is in that dusty corner that is desperately trying to get our attention.

The truth is If we spend our lives being something we’re not then this feeling is never going to go away!

My biggest catalyst to finding what and where those puzzle pieces were was Vibrational Essences, they assist us in self enquiry and help us to be aware of what we need and also the outdates patterns that hold us back from achieving this.

When I began connecting with the Starlight Essences I opened up the part of myself that had been trying to get my attention for most of this lifetime and I also reconnected to my souls starlight blueprint that brought in a whole new outlook on life.

I have found others also benefit from connecting to that starlight part of themselves. We all have that connection, we are all aware of the influence of astrology has for us and that links external starlight to the light we hold inside.

Here is what Sharon had to say about her experience of the meditation:

“Receiving my Starlight Immersion has been a beautiful way to re-connect with an aspect of my Being I’ve been unconscious of in this lifetime.

I felt that by receiving this immersion a ‘missing piece’ of Nature has been restored to me…a part which is fundamental to so many other parts… but which until now has been totally overlooked                                                                                                                                                                                             Sally holds a beautiful and safe space to allow this re-connection to happen. I found the experience profound, simple, and deeply nourishing. It’s like I’ve called a missing part of myself back home.Thank You Sally”

I would like to offer you the opportunity of a free guided “ Starlight Immersion meditation” with the supportive energy of Moldavite – The star born stone of transformation. This meditation will assist you to explore that part of you hidden in the dusty recess and help you find your way forward that feeds your soul.

Sign up for your free copy here :

Do you need an Ascension Midwife?

Do you need an Ascension Midwife?

Energy is fluid in its movements and as we dance with this cascading energy – we too are part of this dance and  are constantly growing and expanding ourselves, our ideas, our energy and our trajectory in life. Always shedding outdated modes of being and unhelpful patterns.

Sometimes the shifts are small and swift, other times they can be a long process that requires a lot of self exploration and work. Sometimes they flow with ease other times we can feel totally fragmented for a while and then need to work on pulling all the pieces together again in our new updated template.

Often when we are first pursuing what we see as our path we can become overwhelmed and feel that we are stuck – there are many reasons for this feeling but more about that at a later date.

The further along your spiritual path you are the more often this process is repeated. It eventually becomes like second nature but you learn quickly to discern when things are going smoothly and when you need to look for external input to provide the support and encouragement to take the process to the next stage.

It is like constantly being in a state of pregnancy and birth. We seed  ideas and changes, we gestate and nurture them and then finally birth them. Sometimes some idea, concept or work, in what ever form it takes,  is birthed through us.  Other times it is like we ourselves are reborn to an upgraded version of who we are. Finding someone to be your “Ascension Midwife” can really help you to understand how to explore this process and to fully engage and get the most out of it.

We need to learn how to self inquire but also to create a dialogue with the energy that we are working with. One of our greatest helps which is sadly often one of the most overlooked is that we firstly need to really get to know ourselves to know our weaknesses and to build on them where we can turning them into ally’s rather than shackles that bind us. To know our own energy so that we can discern swiftly what isn’t ours. To understand how we process things and what we need in order to shift anything that takes on a stuck energy.

We must always be accountable for our own energy and for our choices in our interactions in the world. The choice of reaction is always within us. It isn’t about being perfect and never having a negative thought or deed. It’s about being real and in noticing when we are aligned or when we have entered into a lower vibrational exchange of energy. Its in choosing to let go what no longer resonates with us and finding and embracing what does.

It is really important to continue the learning, growth and expansion process. It is also important to find people who can support you in various areas of your life this can range from simply having friends and family who support you but it also should include therapists who can work in various ways to help you when energy is out of alignment or in need of a boost. It can also entail finding a coach or mentor for the times when your own discernment falters and needs a helping hand.


However the BIG thing with this is to choose wisely!

There are no rights or wrongs and what you need is to find a team that supports you and doesn’t enforce their views or dogmas onto you. If someone offers to do the work for you or refuses to acknowledge that your own version of events is right for you and that you only need support to work through it my advice would be to run a mile and fast!

Always trust your own intuitive judgement above all else. Others are only there to support and guide you not mould you to their ways.

There is a real need for this support network though and I am also often interested in what my support team do to enhance their growth. Don’t be afraid to look around and to ask questions to make sure that you are compatible with who you choose to support you.  No matter who you work with you will have to be prepared to put in work and effort yourself. The more you put in the more you get out of it.

When it comes to energetic expansion, stagnation is never a good option. We all need to be upgrading our knowledge and skills regularly. That doesn’t mean continuously taking courses in more and more things but honing and updating our skills and updating our thought patterns and perceptions of reality and also remembering to care for our physical and emotional wellbeing as part of that mix.

As we grow we shed many skins and a timely reminder that true growth is not the addition of adornments in whatever shape or form they take but in the stripping away of all the unnecessary and cumbersome baggage that we have carried often not just in this life but from many previous ones. The process is not always an easy one but is always worth its weight in gold in the end.


If you are looking to find your support team I may well be able to help. So why not arrange a free chat to gain insight around your needs. Here is my diary link

If I cant help you I have a strong support network that I can point you in the right direction for what you need.

I look forward to interacting with you in the near future

With Starlight love


Sally xxx





“Gentle Warrior”  helps with a sad goodbye ~ taking my own medicine.

“Gentle Warrior” helps with a sad goodbye ~ taking my own medicine.

I always believe there is divine timing in everything and although I can’t always see it I can feel the enormity of it working away in the background.

I had been guided to release my essence range and to take my programme introducing “A Starlight led journey of self discovery” to the next level. I had been carefully planning what I was doing and everything was going to plan when there was a sudden urgency to just get it “out there”

I found myself going live with my visible offer much earlier than I had planned and it almost felt that everything was being taken from my hands and divine guidance had kicked in. I needed to let go and trust the process.

Then suddenly I was thrown a curved ball ~ within a few days of releasing all that I had been guided to, my beautiful 11 year old Border collie was suddenly taken ill. I had that nagging feeling that it wasn’t just a simple blip but I was devastated to find that she was in fact approaching her last few days and there was literally nothing that could be done.

We were devastated, she was our beautiful girl and we certainly weren’t prepared for this.                             The next morning it was clear she was struggling more than usual and that she was in some pain and was just so tired.  I was solely responsible for making the decisions to make sure her passing was peaceful and that she didn’t suffer any more than she had to. She was “my girl” and it was always me she came to however I was struggling with my heart and my head unable to think clearly and obviously totally emotionally overwhelmed. I felt I couldn’t manage to do this! I wanted to bury my head in the sand and not have to stand and face the situation and do what needed to be done.

I took some of my “Gentle Warrior” essence – which helps you to deal with things you would rather not have to or don’t feel you have the emotional strength to. It really did help and literally within minutes of taking it, and  without over thinking I found myself on the phone to the vet tearfully discussing our options – actually there weren’t any I just needed to be 100% sure I was making the decision for Meg’s needs and not prolonging her suffering for my own needs.

We arranged a time for that evening and we proceeded to spend our last day together trying to make the most of it. We went for a short walk and had lots of interaction while trying to keep everything as “normal” as we possibly could. I used the “Gentle Warrior” essence several times over the space of the morning.

Around lunch time I began using some “Leaf litter” essence on Meg, gently rubbing it over her ears which seemed to be where she was comfortable with it. I also began taking some of it myself. (This essence from Jan Stewart’s essence range helps us with transitional phases and letting go)

I used a room spray with essential oils and essences that I often used and felt it was helping to keep the energy clear and focussed with a sense of familiarity. It was obviously a very emotionally charged day but we managed to keep things fairly calm and allowed Meg to do what she felt , sleep was becoming increasingly deep and longer as the day went on.

As the dreaded time was approaching I took both “Gentle Warrior” and “Leaf Litter” again – also offering the latter to Meg, and sprayed the room liberally with our familiar spray. She was comfortable and as long as I was near her she was settled.

Soon after when the familiar face of the vet arrived I felt really able to be fully there for Meg and to put my own emotional turmoil on the back burner.

So on the 26th September,  on  her favourite blanky with her favourite treats and a huge cuddle and lots of reassuring words the final act of kindness for her was performed and feeling the love all around her she slipped gently from this world.

It was a beautiful and fitting farewell to such a beautiful being and “Gentle Warrior” Essence helped me to keep it all together when I really had to. I was extremely grateful for having been able to do this for her.

I also carried through with the process of releasing my essences and spoke with several people I had arranged to over the coming days. I took Gentle Warrior when I felt the need and I walked through this period of time with a commitment to divine timing and in honour of my beautiful girl.

I really began to understand the power of this gentle essence and see how it could be helpful in so many situations.

It had originally came through to help support parents of special needs children who were having a hard time and having to stand up for their children against the system. However any situation that requires your focus and attention when you feel emotionally exhausted and would rather run a mile could be faced with conviction with this gentle ally.

If you would like to find out how this essence could support you please drop me an email at  or message me via Facebook.


In Memory of Meg

2/10/2006 ~ 26/9/18




A healing journey

I’ve been working on some deep stuff the last few weeks and wanted to share, working as usual with various essences and  I had begun to write up a report on a recent plant journey with Nettle that I had been part of.

This journey  had really highlighted how my body had held old emotional trauma that had become pain in the physical.  I had a real urge to share this as it felt a significant journey. However no matter what I tried the writing felt a bit clunky and not quite right so I saved the document I had and went to bed to ponder on it over night. I wondered what else needed to be added or if it was in fact something that didn’t need to be shared?

To understand this next part of the journey I will share briefly my Nettle journey.

As a group we had walked into the forest to meet Nettle and communicated with  the plant by drawing the image we saw and paying attention to what we heard and felt. We regrouped and shared our intentions for our journey with Nettle. I chose to let go of fear, to remove anything that was holding me back and for insights into my own personal journey.

We then danced blind fold, feeling the music and how our bodies responded to it. Mine responded like a petulant teenager. An old Sciatica problem was very apparent and my left hip area just didn’t want to move. The more I tried to persuade it the tighter it got and the pain increased. Feeling into the teenager vibe I was suddenly drawn back to a painful time in my life at school, where I was a loner and  didn’t really fit in. At that time I had wished to be completely invisible to others so that I didn’t feel their judgemental looks. Looking at this now – I have a need to be visible with many areas of work now and this being invisible was still blocking me in some way. Good – Nettle was getting down into the depths of where I needed to go to remove this outdated mind set.

We then drank a nettle brew and entered into a shamanic journey for further insights. I felt drawn to lying on my left side which was quite painful and seemed a bit odd but I ran with it. I communicated further with that lonely teenage within me and made amends with her – lying on my side had been like a way of showing I was willing to protect the hurt , or at least the part of me that was hurting.  I felt incredibly tired after the journey and went home to sleep soundly.

When I woke in the morning there was no tightness like there usually was in my hip. I felt like something had been removed from that area and that was related to this old state of emotional disharmony.  The pain has so far not returned and I feel taller and less restricted in my hip area.

This has continued for around ten days now. I was amazed by the results and decided to document it in detail.

So back to the beginning of the story,

I spent an unsettled night and on top of that the dog was up several times in the night resulting in very little sleep. I struggled to get up and as I was running late for work.  I decided to take the short route rather than my usual,  preferred more scenic walk. I immediately felt a little apprehensive and felt my left hip area tighten in response.

On brief investigating it made sense in conjunction with the work I had done with Nettle as this walk would entail me walking part of the very same way that I had done to school. I didn’t have much choice as I would add too much time on to the journey if I went the usual route.

Rushing along feeling the “normal” twinges and finding the muscles of my legs literally objecting by responding with twinges of pain.  I decided to approach the subject consciously as I walked down through the masses of Impatiens flowers and Willow trees over the old familiar green bridge towards my destination and the site of my old school. I was greeted at the far side of the bridge by a patch of tall Nettle. I knew that I was walking through a portal of change.

I was surprised to note just how many times I would have been immersed in all this plant energy in some form all those years ago. The plants and trees I was now passing would also have been younger and their energy of a different vibration. A familiarity was swelling up and I was grateful to be able to now acknowledge the nature of these plants that I had encountered without any form of real connection before.

Legs tiring slightly and familiar psoas muscle twinges kick in stronger and more persistent but I kept going onwards up that hill I had rushed up so many other mornings.

The school has been knocked down and rebuilt and is now a bright, modern primary school. As I paused I felt that old part of me go off and climb the stairs however rather than being met with fear and darkness of the old energy there was a bright vibrant space. I felt in this new space a lightness and an excitement. I saw it filled with all the people who are near and dear to me, my family and friends and all the wonderfully supportive people that I am lucky to have in my life.

The old teenage part of me stayed there socialising as the physical me marched up the next part of the hill at the front of the school, past the familiar beech hedges to the other entrance. I gently called on the teen me and she was so busy greeting and chatting with others I had to call her again.

As she reintegrated with me I could really feel the energy wind its way through my central column and take its rightful place.

On down the hill towards work, past the Castle that has featured quite a lot for me over the last few years – I suddenly remembered my fascination with it during my school photography club days. I carried on down the road under the shelter of the row of Red and White Chestnut trees. ….  Heavy with their conkers now, the identifying flowers long gone. However their energy cleansing and clearing all the old outdated mind set as I counted and acknowledged all 11 of them. I had consciously connected with the larger at either end of the row and felt that sense of familiarity rise, how many times in years gone by had I walked under this very same row of trees?

I felt cleansed and fresh as I crossed the road heading for work now. It felt like a layer of scaffolding that had surrounded me just fell away. The pain melted and as I walked on 3 tall Nettle popping through the hedge at eye level caught my vision. Like the Nettle I too felt tall and strong. What a reminder of just who was the catalyst for this inner journey.

I know that I have now completed what I had to do as per my intentions of working with Nettle and that I have healed at a whole different level than before. Is my healing journey over? Heck no I have merely released one of the layers that was holding me back and causing me physical problems. I will no doubt be guided back to some other area in due time.

This is why I love my work so much, working with the nature realm brings possibilities to shift our whole perspective that can literally be life changing. With Every old layer of buried emotional discomfort that we can remove we allow ourselves to flow forward without being caught in the outdated and unhelpful default patterns that we can find ourselves stuck in.

When you are ready to do the work it is amazing what can be achieved!



Much love


Sally xxx

If you would like to explore healing old emotional blocks contact me to arrange a free no obligation Clarity call to discuss your needs.

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P.P.S – One of the essences that I have used to support me on this journey was “Dreaming in a New World” that was co created with an amazing group of women who are fellow Essence producers and therapists in the South of France earlier this year. So gratitude to these ladies, to Nettle and to all the opportunities for growth that I have been gifted.

Onwards and upwards!!

It is Time~~~

It is Time~~~

We are in interesting times, there is a deep remembering going on. The solar and stellar energies we are currently bathing in are potent to say the least. We are able to access these amazing energies with a heightened awareness.
I personally am being pulled back to working with star codes and their messages that speak deeply to the corresponding codes that we have in our own genetic blue print.As they speak to me I can feel the pathways within me lighting up and a sense of feeling stronger in myself. A deep knowing that is consciously unknown yet deeply understood at a cellular level.
Surrendering to this process and watching the synchronistic events unfold has been swift and enlightening.
It is time to be truly ourselves with no other reason for that being… not to make us more this or that, or to find us a better job, love, happiness or whatever other external thing that we may have been chasing. A real need to be in our own bodies and impeccably aware of the reality of that. Acknowledging the vastness of our connection to our external world and beyond.
Feel into things and understand from a place of vulnerable curiosity. Be open to the possibilities that are being laid before us. Feel the energy dance with your own and see its reflection in your soul.
The divine feminine – the blue rose – a long hidden lineage is awakening – can You feel it?
Can you feel it in the whispers of the breeze? Can you sense it in the perfection of every drop of water? Do you recognise it by the colours that are painting our realities in the skies, in the vibrant hue of the flowers and in the simplistic complexity of everything that we choose to see? Can you hear it in the call of the bird or the rush of the flowing river? Can you see it in the blink of an eye ~ dancing light~ that catches your vision momentarily?
I am un – becoming me … unravelling the threads that have woven unnecessary coats and their subsequent roles for me. In this deconstruction I feel bliss and know that the metamorphosis that we are all going through is something that we need but don’t consciously understand. Trusting in the process and following our inner guidance allows us to flow gracefully into the realms of new understanding – leading the way and simplifying it for others who follow in our wake.
Let yourself be guided by your feelings and don’t look back – Sensitivity is our strength, embrace it and allow your inner most being, the one who has laid hidden and unheard, to emerge into the light of day. Embrace yourself in the fullest form as we declare our existence, like the first spring flowers proud and unencumbered by aeons of judgement and silence.

It Is Time ~~~

Energy upgrades – a new reference point?

Energy upgrades – a new reference point?

There is so much talk about the new energies coming in and energetic shifts in general and for many it can be really disorientating.

These shift have been happening since time immemorial but there have been significant shifts in the energy around and within us very recently. Everyone is being affected to a greater or lesser degree. You can see it in how many people are feeling overwhelmed, confused, dissatisfied with certain aspects of both their personal life and the “ways of the world” in general. While others are feeling just plain out of sorts. Often the its the vagueness and the fact that they cant quite put their finger on the source of their unrest that can amplify the discomfort.

I know this week I have been swamped with feelings of strong vibrations running through my system and it can make me feel quite unbalanced and uncomfortable. In energetic terms our bodies are being upgraded – flooded with a different vibrational energy than are used to and it will feel uncomfortable until it has been integrated and digested.

With each shift we move slightly but there comes a tipping point when our bodies have to alter to be able to contain the energy level that we are now vibrating at. Due to these physical alterations (at a cellular level) – our reference point that helps us orientate on a physical level has shifted, and we struggle finding balance and stability.

It’s a bit like being at a party and your favourite song is on you dance away knowing the rhythm and the pattern of the song then suddenly a different unknown song comes on. You must dance to this new tune but it can feel clumsy to move to this rhythm at first.
With a little effort you begin to move in sync to the music, there will be times that the pattern of the song changes and as you’re not familiar with it you will be thrown off balance again. Once you have heard the song a few times you become comfortable and more in tune with its unique pattern and rhythm. The difference here is that the old song we once danced to no longer exists.

For some the energetic changes are happening relentlessly and they feel they are never quite getting to know the song / energy fully. However, there are some stages where that is the case. We don’t need to dwell and become intimate with every level that we shift through. The ones that we do linger on we have to become masters at being at one with this frequency.

Trying to override the energy/song with the old rhythm and pattern only serves to make us feel uncomfortable and completely out of balance with all that is around us. Learning to let go the safety and security of the old is what prolongs the rebalancing process. We must let go and surrender to the new rhythm /energetic pattern that our bodies are now holding  in order to bring us into that centred place of comfort, understanding and calm awareness.

We can’t understand the new if we keep our sight firmly focussed on the old. We can’t understand the French language by reading a reference book written in Spanish. We must immerse ourselves in understanding our new reference point and the renewed insights and opportunities it gives us.

We need to allow ourselves to be flexible in order to align ourselves fully with these changes. The shifts are inevitable, it is part of the natural progression of life, of the spiritual laws, of the universal consciousness.

Finding the tools to help with this assists us in the integration. My tools of choice are flower and vibrational essences, crystals and plenty rest to enable me process things as effortlessly as possible. I certainly have no notion to make anything harder or more prolonged than it needs to be!

I hope that you are learning to dance to your new tune with ease and grace. If however you feel the need of some assistance I will be offering some free one to one sessions at some point in the next month so look out for details popping into your inbox soon.

Much love

Sally xxx

Has the recent weather caused heightened emotional responses for you?

Has the recent weather caused heightened emotional responses for you?

The recent white out across the UK has had me thinking on just how much this type of curved ball can send a sensitive person into a bit of a spin. It’s not so much as the event or circumstances but the responses that it brings.
Often, as highly sensitive souls we have a very strong nurturing streak and anything that brings difficulties to others triggers our need to step up to help them or sort things out. Again this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can cause us to become frazzled as we battle against the odds (in this case the snow and the restrictions it brought) to try and cater for those around us needs.

We get caught up in the very yang process of a great need to “do” something when often a softer place of balance between yin/yang brings its own unique qualities. We have to “be” enough so that we can hear our inner guidance to know we are “doing” what is needed and is the most suitable course of action.
When caught up like this we totally overlook our own needs and here lies the root of our problem. We put ourselves to the back of the queue, and go into hyper drive bustling and fussing over others, and it almost seems the more obstacles we come across, the more we feel the need to push against them.

Whilst admirable on some levels and almost always fascinating how our resourcefulness comes out. Our baking and making skills are often accessed as is our creative approach to problem solving. We often push our options to the extreme and just don’t like to admit defeat on a practical level (or actually on any level). However emotionally we can feel that we have reached our “limit” and just couldn’t possibly handle “One more thing”
We aren’t super human and need to remember to honour our own boundaries and to rest up both physically and mentally. Boundaries on all levels – mental, physical, spiritually and emotionally are very important to highly sensitive souls.
Poor physical boundaries lead to exhaustion; on a basic level we are expending a lot of energy without taking any steps to replenish it in any way. Poor mental boundaries can mean our thoughts are in over drive and we feel frazzled. Many describe it as not being able to hear themselves speak for the noisy thoughts spiralling through their mind. Spiritually we can fall into either end of the scale and can feel totally disconnected or be so absorbed on a spiritual level that we aren’t grounded enough to bring through our ideas into the physical realm. Emotionally poor boundaries lead to a feeling of confusion and helplessness. We are so porous that what we pick up emotionally from others can be mistaken as our own.

Without a little self care we will burn out and be of no real help to those we had set out to help in the first place.
When feeling frazzled ask yourself a few quick and simple questions

Have I eaten lately? – We are often very prone to overlooking even our most basic needs. Eating is also a really good way to bring energy fully into the body not only are we replenishing some energy from the food but we bring our energy focus fully into the body in the process of digestion.
Am I having proper rest and /or enough sleep? – Often pushing through the tiredness barrier or not sleeping well due to an overactive mind becomes the norm. Rest when you feel tired and try to keep to as regular a sleep pattern as you can. (without worrying or trying to adopt a sleep pattern that just isn’t right for our bodies – remembering your unique pattern is best)

Have I compromised my boundaries? If so stop and allow yourself space to reset boundaries, we often don’t stop to think about boundaries and even affirming them to ourselves helps put us back on track – and don’t forget to let others know what you need from them.

Is this mine? – Often we get so caught up with others stuff that we react to the energy they are putting out and the emotions we feel aren’t even our own. ( in this case detaching from what is causing the issue will help bring perspective.

Stop and Breathe! – A minute of conscious breathing can be all we need to ground ourselves in the physical and clarify just what is needed. It also quickly reduces our anxiety levels. (As long as you don’t cheat and allow the mind monkeys to talk over your tranquillity)

I have managed to readjust how I was reacting to the external and to bring a bit more clarity. so I am just off for a rest now.

I hope you manage to find your way through whatever is causing you unrest and can adopt this strategy or one similar to help make sure that burnout is a distant memory.


If you would like to book a free sensitive souls chat to discuss your needs and to see how essences can help you regain clarity and calm you can do so by clicking the link below to my online diary.


Much love

Sally xxx

Learning to share

  Holding on too tightly to our gifts and not allowing others to take or receive from us is detrimental to our well-being. Like the tree overly heavy with fruit we become burdened by so much weight. When we sit back and don’t actively share with others, what we offer in a way becomes tainted. It becomes tainted by our perceptions of who or what should be our recipient. Who are we to judge who will benefit in some way from our offerings. Who are we to allow others to take what they need at our expense. We need to be clear on what we will or wont offer. Keep firm boundaries on that but also actively need to share in order to grow and keep our own energy clear and unburdened. Like wise knowledge must be shared before it is lost in the ether’s forever.  However knowledge is an ever evolving thing and holding on too tightly to what we think we know is as harmful as being influenced by what doesn’t serve us. Knowing is relevant in the moment but it evolves as we evolve and it is in a way the stepping stone to new and bigger ideas and projects. If we don’t act on what we know how can we expect to move forward? Our knowledge is our personal perception and inner guidance and in sharing it we may trigger something in others that allow a glimmer of light that becomes a catalyst in their learning process. Like wise when we read the knowledge of others it can kindle in us an inner knowing that propels us to find out more and increases the validation of our own remembering. We are linked to every aspect of knowing in the universe and it constantly streams through us, becoming aware of the “channels” that speak to us helps us make sense of our present moments and lessons. A bit like our PC systems when we have saturated a level we need to upgrade and are therefore able to link to new programs and channels. Our own energetic system upgrade is dependent on our willingness to put in the work and in our acceptance of what we learn, integrating it into our being and going with the expansive flow. What if someone is desperately seeking the link that you have so carefully hidden from outside view ? What if in offering the puzzle pieces we have found to others – we ourselves are able to find more puzzle pieces that link us to bigger pictures than we can currently envisage? How can you share your gifts with the world – the answer is simple – share what you know and speak of your passions. One small step at a time. Look forward to sharing with you, Sally x
All is not as it seems!

All is not as it seems!

There has been some tricky energy about these past few weeks, not least caused by the eclipses, Solar flares and planetary influences! There have been a whole lot of intensely irritated and tense people and it’s interesting that a few weeks into this icky phase that there are lots of coughs, headaches, skin irritations and other “reactive” symptoms being reported. Almost everyone I know is experiencing at least one of the above!  Long forgotten health issues are also being triggered, weird and wonderful long forgotten symptoms that have been held deep within our cells and with allergic reactions that don’t seem to have a notable source.

All symptoms are products of various forms of irritation to one or more factor externally and it’s interesting to look at what’s going on around us right now.

On a global scale so many are being pulled into the reactivity phase and buying into the stories they are hearing external to themselves, which is complicating things for them. Remember focus inwards, feel into your own core and stay true to your own vibration. When you feel an onslaught of thought or emotion, sit with it and allow your energy to re-calibrate and settle before discerning a course of action, if indeed any action needs taken. Don’t allow the external to knock you sideways or spiral you into a loop of conditioned reactivity.

The incoming planetary influences have been quite intense, to the point of being physically palpable and somewhat relentless, although not yet understood on a conscious level. The physical body can’t always process energy without triggering cellular memory responses and the complications that they can cause. It is also desperately trying to run a “programme” to “deal” with the external rather than allowing it to flow deflecting or allowing it to flow through on our inner compasses guidance.

The changes can seem viral in nature to our body and it can kick and fight trying to claim status quo but it needs to learn to let go and flow with the cellular alterations that are taking place.

The importance of self care and self containment can’t be stressed enough; only from our own inner core and compass can we really function effectively. Be discerning of what you allow into your awareness and energy field and keep strong boundaries.

If you really want to dig into this, look at the symptoms that are surfacing and trace them back through your life to when they have surfaced previously, what was going on for you emotionally at that time may well be the key to healing and releasing on a cellular level!

Trust the process and stay true to yourself!

I’m so glad I have the support of my Essences to help me navigate these strange times!

You’ve got this ….. Sally xxx



Full Moon & Awareness ~ We are Not Broken.

Full Moon & Awareness ~ We are Not Broken.

When we bring awareness to the fore we bring a valuable tool to the table and one that allows us to discern just what is going on for us. It may well be that we don’t fully understand but the awareness that something has been triggered allows us to follow the trail. When we are aware that we have been triggered we can then choose more effectively how we respond to this trigger.

Of Old we would probably have been propelled straight into a knee jerk reaction that was little if anything to do with what was actually presenting to us in the now. Often these knee jerk reactions were costly for us too. Over reaction tends not to be positive or well thought out and especially if it puts us into defence mode it can cause all sorts of complications that aren’t so easily remedied.

With awareness we can check into what is happening and make sure that we don’t compromise our integrity, burn bridges or lose out on valuable opportunities.

I was compelled to put this together today as I found myself slipping somewhat into a learned response to the icky FMS ( full moon syndrome) mode ( my own label for this moon phase), a bit like pre menstrual syndrome except triggered by the influence of the impending full moon.  We encounter full moon energy every 28 days and some cycles it affects us more than others, we react to this in a cellular level but we don’t have to allow the reaction to manifest on an emotional or physical level. We may well need to alter how or what we do around this time but with awareness we don’t need to become the victim of energetic circumstance.

Awareness brings the key that allows us to know which doors are best locked at this time and what is best postponed till a more energetically conducive time. This doesn’t mean we come to a standstill it means that we prioritise and accept that there are limitations and within the limitations we can be as productive as we need to be. Also holding fast to the truth that this will pass and we will soon be up and running at optimum speed in a few days is helpful.

One of the essences I like at this time is Selenite – I find its gentle and illuminates from within so that I can stay clear on my core energy and take steps to rectify things If I feel I’m having a wobble. My cellular energy may be affected but my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can hold space for any necessary fluctuations and Selenite is a great essence to facilitate this partnership.

We are not broken , we don’t need fixing. We merely need awareness and the space to flow in harmony with the tides of the moon.

Wishing you a smooth and illuminated Full Moon.


Sally xxx


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