We are deeply on course with our energetic and physical “upgrading” and we are learning new ways to support and care for ourselves. A big part of this is learning to challenge our triggers and discern why we are being triggered in the way that we are. Does it push an old pattern button that causes a less favourable knee jerk reaction?

How can we approach things from a place of love and as much neutrality as we can?

Remember everyone has a valid point of view. It’s a bit like arguing with someone from the Southern Hemisphere that it is summer right now when they are absolutely adamant that it is winter. Both of us are right and without being armed with information of the difference in hemispheres a resolution or common ground would never be found.

( Did you presume that the image at the top of the page was of snow? Its actually the salt flats at Pamukkale in Turkey!)

Everyone has a different reality. That reality is shaped by genetics, ancestral patterning, parental views and peer influence amongst other things. If I have never encountered the same landscapes whether physical, emotional or spiritual I will never fully understand your form of reality. In the same way you could never fully understand mine. We may have touching points that link and unify us in some way but we won’t be exactly the same, and that is perfectly ok.

It’s by speaking about our realities that we begin to open to the notion that there is a bigger picture and that our version is part of that jigsaw. Similarly to a jigsaw if we are trying to fit into a part of the puzzle that is totally misaligned and we don’t fit into then we will encounter much more resistance from those around us.

That’s not to say we can’t alter our own edges by being open to new thoughts and being open to possibilities that our views are not the only ones. As we expand our own realities we can become more compassionate when others show up with different views. 

It doesn’t mean we gullibly accept poor treatment from others in respect of our different realities, in fact it means we may well need to step up our boundaries and point out that much as we see things differently that X, Y or Z is just not how we choose to be treated. 

The more we become clear on our own perceptions and understand that reality is a constantly changing notion of our surroundings in conjunction with our pre determined reactions and conditioning, the more we understand that we have both the capacity and the responsibility to alter that reality to be more congruent with our changing needs. 

Happy exploring  As always, with Starlight Love Sally xxx