Mirrors eh!  Love them or hate them they are interesting – intriguing and also very enlightening. 

When you look into the mirror – who do you see?  

Do you recognise the person looking back at you?

Do you look at them with love or with criticism ~ or worse ~ condemnation?

Do you see only flaws or perhaps disappointment as the years shift our features into something or someone we may feel we don’t know? 

Or do you see a soul looking back at you through your eyes 

Searching for a glimmer of kindness ~ love ~ recognition even? 

How do you treat that person looking back at you from the mirror? Do you pay them very little attention – do you judge and belittle – do you treat them in the way you would abhor to treat another human being?

What if I remind you that the person in the mirror – the reflection looking back at you – is your greatest ally ~ the one person who doesn’t desert you ~ your greatest teacher ~ your confidante ~ the person who knows every little detail about you – the times you have cried yourself to sleep – the times you have gone out of your way to help others unnoticed ~ your uncertainties and your fears. 

Perhaps that is why you criticise that reflection ~ presuming it to be “like others” ready to pounce and use your flaws and insecurities against you? 

What if I told you that this person staring right back at you is the one you need to love the most ~ the one you need to be gentle and kind with ~ the one who is always patiently waiting for your approval? 

If you are looking for approval- look in the mirror 

If you are looking for love – look in the mirror 

If you are looking for compassion look in the mirror

If you are looking for inspiration look in the mirror 

Looking in the mirror we look to ourselves ~ to our deepest wisdom ~ to our infinite well of unconditional love and compassion. Your greatest teacher looks back at you when you look in the mirror!

What if I told you that everything you don’t like in your life is a mirror? A mirror reflecting back at you the need to look within ~ to look to your own guidance~ to love yourself? 

Until we can face the external what ever it may be – with unconditional love and an understanding that all discord comes from a place of lack of love ~ then until we find that place within ~ our own painful hurts will be triggered ~ no amount of external work or avoidance ~ will heal the places where we deeply need to love ourselves. 

Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all – when you can love yourself unconditionally , there is so much love within that it can’t help overflow and touch everything we do and everyone we meet with that beautiful magic.

Until you learn to love yourself you will always have a space where no matter how much love you receive from others there will still be that aching empty space within.

What if I told you that loving yourself is much easier than you think – it begins with small steps and the more you take these small steps the bigger the impact on your wellbeing.

Start by saying something kind to yourself – If you don’t find it easy to say ” I love you” try “thank you” and if you struggle with that try to stop any negative “thought comments” in their track ….. we say things like ” my hair is a mess” ” you look – Tired/Pale/bored/ too old/ too young/too thin/too fat ….add adjectives to suit your own personal situation. I am sure you will be well aware of the dialogue you have with yourself.

So take some time to appreciate the beautiful soul that looks back at you through your eyes via the lens of the mirror and begin to share love and gratitude with them – watch how life becomes easier and how others respond in a positive way to the changes and the love they can sense emanating from you via the soulful mirror of your eyes ……

As always, with Starlight love

Sally xxx