I’m so pleased you’ve found your way here. My name is Sally ( Starlight Sally to many) and I’m  first and foremost an intuitive energy healer who has a passion for exploring all things spiritual and metaphysical. 


I hold a powerful, safe and sacred space for those who are ready to take their own exploration to the next level. If you  are ready to explore and release those outdated patterns and thoughts that block you from your true potential and from fully expressing your soul purpose, I can help you.

I know how frustrating it can be when no matter how much work you put in you still come across the stumbling blocks of imposter syndrome and a real dip in self-worth and self-belief. Those amazing insights you had and wanted to add to your work, suddenly show up in other people’s work and deflated you feel that you have missed the boat. That Frustration can derail even the most stoic entrepreneur. I know as I used to regularly visit that space! 

I work with Vibrational Essences, Gold Print Healing (c)  ,Fragments of Gold journeys,  intuitive processes and simple protocols to help you find your own unique way. Ways that assist you in further tapping into your own wisdom that is readily available to you, and most importantly to allow you to access and work with it  in a down to earth and functional way.

I believe when we access the full spectrum of who we are and embody that – the world makes more sense. Leaving us free to get on with doing what it is that we came here to do.

It may be that you need to work on releasing old patterns that rear their head from time to time, those pesky ones that stop you from doing what you would love. 

It may be that you are finding your emotions completely overwhelming, and you need some support to help you feel less emotionally reactive and more empowered in your life.

It may simply be that you need to learn your own unique way to weave all aspects of who you are and what you do into one coherent form.

I look forward to helping you embrace your uniqueness and to    Begin to shine with your full spectrum radiance 

With Gold & Starlight love

Sally xxx