Are you emotionally sensitive and or frustrated at coming up against old blocks that you thought had been dealt with?

Do you feel that your emotions often swamp you and leave you feeling fragile and not quite sure how to cope?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night full of ideas and information but feel deflated in the morning when the feeling of purpose and knowing seems to vanish in the light of day.

Do you struggle with investing in yourself or in charging your worth.

Even worse do you dream in information that you feel compelled to share but don’t  know what to do with it. You procrastinate waiting on the right time or opportunity only to find that someone else has done so and the sense of purpose evaporates in an instant. The feeling of deflation and disappointment when this happens can literally feel soul destroying. It can lead to feelings of deep sadness and low self-worth. In fact we can even be drawn to disconnect from that whole aspect of ourselves which leaves us feeling even more disconnected and unfulfilled.

You are probably adept at holding others in your energy work but when it comes to yourself all the advice and ideas go out the window.

There will be elements of fear that arise and you may regularly question your ability to do what you are doing especially when it comes to growing and being more visible.

Yellow snap dragon flowers in a bowl of water

Fear of not being ready, or good enough or all those other self derogatory terms really can be crippling. Learning to see that you wouldn’t be gifted with the information if you weren’t ready to receive it

Do you live up in your head. Do you have a knowing of what feeds your soul but are struggling to find expression for this in your daily life?

Believe me, I totally get how you feel, I have been there and stumbled along this path for too long. There comes a point when it is too painful not to follow all that beautiful inner guidance. It is too uncomfortable to try and fit in rather than breaking free and doing the things that really make you happy. This transitional phase can be really uncomfortable and bring up all sorts of deep seated patterns that complicate things. This if often where the old blocks come from.

Its easier than you think!

How would it feel if you could lift those barriers and find a new way to navigate?

Would you like to learn how to bring that blissful feeling of connection into your every day life?

Fragments of Gold    —   How can working with the energy of Gold help?

We are in the midst of incredibly powerful times in our Galaxy right now, the Earths geomagnetic field has lowered which is allowing higher vibrational energies to access the Earth plane more extensively than we have ever been used to. There are almost daily Solar flares and Coronal Mass ejections hurtling infra-red energy from the sun towards us and the planets are in incredibly powerful placements around us.  That is without looking at all the man made energies that we are increasingly having to deal with.

So what has Gold to do with all this?

Well firstly let me highlight that Gold is a super conductor so it facilitates a smooth flow of energy. It is also an amazing element for deflecting infra-red energy and is often used on space shuttles to deflect the suns energy and is used on the James Webb telescope for the same reason.

Remember that we too are energetic beings and that electrical energy is at the source of our existence. The electrical spark that starts a babies heart beating in utero and the use of electrical stimulation for when the heart has stopped. When our own electrical impulses don’t flow coherently between our cells we can suffer various types of illness.

Gold is a true alchemical element and in exploring our relationship to Gold and in inviting this energy in – in the many forms that are available to us at this time we can upgrade our own energetic systems to help them cope better with all the other energies that are presenting to us and that we need to learn to adapt to.

Gold gets a bad press – down to its miss use and yet we forget that Gold became valuable because of its healing and alchemical properties – it did not adopt these properties because it was valuable!  Due to this polarisation of Golds image we have also forgotten our true value and exploring our feelings towards Gold go a long way in redressing this balance.

Learning to run the vibration of Gold within our systems has benefits on so many levels and activating the Gold already contained within your system is a catalyst for many other aspects for us.

Awakening this within others and assisting them to navigate the integration is my passion!

There is a real need for reverence and respect of both Gold and most importantly of yourself and to rush the process is akin to finding yourself suddenly with a lot of money and letting things go a bit crazy until finally you have none left and are back where you started. Which is not where we wish to be and would be an incredibly poor use of resources. Can you begin to see the correlation between Gold and how we view ourselves through the lens of monetary value.

Now that does not mean that we have to be poor or that we have to be rich – it means that we have to develop a healthy attitude to worth and value and how our outer world and our inner worlds need to be in resonance.



Work with me

There are several ways you can work with me to help you find your own unique way to empower YOU,   to live the life you totally deserve and that fulfils you mind body and spirit! To find and integrate your own uniqueness and self-worth.


Fragments of Gold – A  deep dive  looking at Self Worth, Self-Healing, Self-Empowerment and learning about the unique relationship that our bodies and our energetic signatures already have with Gold and how we can enhance this to embody the best version of ourselves. We also bring awareness to the world of metals and its incredible importance to our physical wellbeing.


Please join my mailing list or drop me an email to find out how you can take this journey or book a clarity call to find out more and how Gold could support you. 


I also provide 1:1 consultations for emotional wellbeing and support. 1st sessions are approximately 1.5 hours and include an In-depth consultation and a bespoke blend of essences created especially to support you and your needs the cost is £75. Follow up sessions take approximately 1 hour and cost £60. Please enquire if you would like to book a discounted package to suit your needs.


VIP packages – Supporting you as you explore your own unique energetic signature and how to embody this allowing you to flourish and grow. Enquiries welcome either via the contact me button or by booking a no obligation chat.


Group journeys – with specific star energy and portals and with Orchid Essences throughout the year.


Starlight Immersions –  Work with the energy of a specific star or constellation – take the essence – use the prompt on the information sheet to open you to the possibilities that the energy offers you , Immerse yourself in a meditation to connect you more deeply to that essence.  Cost is £33 including postage of essence to the UK  ( please enquire for postage costs if you are out with the UK thank you) 


I also have my own range of vibrational essences, EeeShel Trinity Essences,  that can help support  you emotionally through those times of your life when you just need that bit of extra support.


COMING SOON – Gold print healing sessions. 


To find which is the best option for you or to explore  please book a complimentary no obligation chat using the button below.

Starlight Immersions  – How can working with the energy of the stars help?

We are all have some understanding of how the moon and the sun affects us. We are also aware of the influence of the stars from an astrology point of view. However our souls connect to the energy of the celestial bodies a much deeper level.

Establishing or deepening our Soul Star connection allows us to bring another part of us online. It gifts us a fresh perspective and can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

This clearer knowing and understanding literally can be the key we need to unlock what has seemed to hold us back for so long.



It’s like I’ve called a missing piece of me back home.

Receiving my Starlight Immersion has been a beautiful way to re-connect with an aspect of my Being I’ve been unconscious of in this lifetime. I felt that by receiving this Immersion a “missing piece” of Nature has been restored to me… a part which is fundamental to so many parts… but which until now has been totally overlooked.

Sally holds a beautiful and safe space to allow this reconnection to happen. I found the experience profound, simple and deeply nourishing. Its like I’ve called a missing piece of me back home. Thank you Sally, Thank you xxx

S.K, Southampton

Exploring Fragments of Gold

Exploring Fragments of Gold Journey with Sally was a truly enlightening and most enjoyable experience.

Her course is laid out in a clear and concise way allowing you to work at your own pace without time constraints and contains a wealth of information.

Being able to take her magical Gold Essence enables you to open up and delve even deeper into the experience.

Sally is warm, approachable and very knowledgeable and there with you on every step of your journey. I look forward to working with her again xxx
Roberta, Greenwich,London


5 precious days in the Starlight glow of Fragments Of Gold.

If you wonder what will unfold when you step into gold, you’re in for a lovely surprise!

I had very little memory of gold in my system and to meet up with Gold, quickly amazed me-to see a vast depth of its possibilities and facets. To illuminate my dark corners and shine a light on in. 

I didn’t it know it was time to remake friends with Gold until then, to see it’s worth.  

I had gotten in deeper to explore, each unfolding day, The first meditation blew me away and cleared out the cobwebs. I felt like I’d had an upgrade,all the while being soothed by Sally’s meditative voice. It felt like a gentle homecoming.

By having the essence of gold to take, just enhanced the journey and I’m still feeling the embodiment!

Though my outer world, hadn’t changed, I noticed that things had silently shifted so much, that in my inner struggle of two years, wanting to leave my current property had dropped away. Within a week I had attracted a property with such unexpected ease, I am still prodding myself in awe! What’s even more amazing is the property, has Palace in its name, an upward manoeuvre for my self worth for sure!
When Gold comes to meet you please be ready to hear it’s call!

Sally, I really felt held, by your love and reverence for the sacred space. I won’t forget this experience.Thank you for being the golden guiding light, that you are and bringing this deeper connection through Your wonderful Fragments of Gold.


Gail Ward

Would gladly recommend

I needed something to help me move on  after my divorce and a friend suggested I go for a consultation with Sally.

I had never tried flower essence before but was interested to give it a go as I was experiencing low mood, confidence issues and found it hard to socialise after my divorce.

I was amazed at just how much old issues came up during my consultation. I really felt part of the process and when offered images to choose from  I could not believe how picking the cards I was drawing to resonated with what I needed. I found Sally very good at explaining what the different essence can do for you.

After taking this essence and using the affirmations I felt more confident and started socialising again and I felt empowered enough to do what I felt was right for me. I even gave up a job that was making me miserable. I felt I understood myself and how I was feeling a lot better. I will definitely use flower essences again and I would gladly recommend Sally as a flower essence practitioner to my family and friends.

Ms A N

you will be wildly surprised by how gentle it is

f you had never done Sally Arthurs’ flower essence therapy, you will be wildly surprised by how gentle it is!

You begin with a conversation with Sally where you talk about where you have been stuck in your life.  A neutral and safe space where no drama is needed (that’s my kind of space!).  Shortly after, you receive this interesting page full of flowers that Sally has especially handpicked for you.  From this page, you choose your flowers with your intuition (sort of like picking your tarot cards).

What is telling is Sally’s beautiful narrative of what the flowers mean and their natural healing powers.  In my case, I was delightfully surprised how the flowers I ended up picking connect back to me to heal my pains and my wounds.  As if they are looking at my wounds gently, while being right next to me all along.  The healing has begun even before I experience them in a glass of drinking water!

Thank you Sally Arthurs, Gold & Starlight Alchemy for showing me that flowers can heal and sharing one of your many gifts!

Manshi Low

I highly recommend Sally’s sessions

Female Face with Dark Hair - Eileen

As an empath and HSP I highly recommend Sally’s sessions and flower essence blends. I have suffered various rare health complications from a very young age.

The last few years I have been suffering extreme sensitivity to noise, light sensitivity and EMF’s.

Despite being a healer for 25 years and having studied flower essences myself, I instantly knew Sally was the person to help me with her clearly specialised knowledge in working with sensitives.

Sally is a very genuine and compassionate healer. I can’t recommend Sally’s consultations highly enough.

Eileen Burns, Owner of Stress Coach Training

I loved the Gold Print Healing Sessions with Sally

I loved the Gold Print Healing Sessions with Sally – all from the comfort of my own home, which was just as well, as I live a long way from Scotland! Sally held the space beautifully and was so in tune with what was happening with me. The session was very relaxing – listening to beautiful music and along the way “nuggets of gold” being revealed to me which Sally then mirrored – extraordinary talent Sally has. If you get a chance to experience this healing then definitely go for it.


Each session brought up some really interesting insights into what I wanted to address.

I recently had 3 sessions of Gold Print Healing with Sally. Each session brought up some really interesting insights into what I wanted to address. This has helped me to take steps that I had not previously considered. I often find myself procrastinating when considering something new suggested by another person, but not since the Gold Print Healing. I feel that the healing has smoothed out ‘the bumps in the road’ that trip me up, making it easier for me to ‘take decisive action’ and work towards my goals.

Rebecca Millar

Ive found them gentle, yet powerful and very magical

Rhian Testimonial - Lady with open face looking at camera

I’ve been experiencing Sally’s trinity star essences for the last couple of months and I have found them gentle, yet powerful and very magical. I could feel the unique vibration of each essence very clearly and found that they connected me with profound personal insight on my healing path as well as opening up vivid journeying pathways that each held their own special teachings. Sally was so supportive while I worked with the essences and I felt I could ask her any question or share my insights with total confidence she would be able to guide me.

How can essences be gentle yet powerful at the same time? My answer is that they seem to support a deep emotional process with a feeling of light and safety. As a bonus energetically the star connected essences I have tried all feel very pure.

Thank you, Sally for a great experience. I can’t wait to work with the essences some more. They are highly recommended!

Rhian Kivits, Holisitic Love & Intamacy consultant. Cornwall, UK

I recently had three sessions of Gold Print healing with Sally.

During the sessions, I felt warm, cared for and a feeling of being comforted.  I felt a warmth and like a ripple of healing.  It was an uplifting experience.
Since having the sessions with Sally, I have been looking after myself better and I have been eating more healthily.  I felt that emotions which have been stuck for a long time have been processing and being released.
I would recommend GoldPrint healing sessions with Sally.  This has made a difference in my life and Sally is a caring, genuine and compassionate person and a gifted healer.  “
Thank you again Sally for your care and kindness, I appreciate it so much xx

Thank you again Sally, your loving and knowing presence is everything I have been looking for in these times

I had my session with Sally  this past Thursday. We had two previous meetings so I already felt so safe in her presence.

Sally has been doing this work a long time. The wisdom she has accumulated throughout all these years means she has met and experienced every type of energy and is at home with them all. It takes a deep love and dedication to her mission and work to continue serving others in this space, knowing it is often far from the light & love many believe it to be.

Prior to our session, she asked me to fill out a questionnaire. It was a beautiful experience in itself, It got me contemplating on the areas of my life that were holding me back. During the session, Sally gently guided me into each issue I had written down, and we explored the roots of those, including ancestral patterns. , The explanations of the essences I had chosen, and the beauty behind their meanings and healing properties blew me away. I was emotional for quite some time that day. I’m so in awe of the magic of these essences, and can’t wait to receive mine and spend time with it.

Thank you again Sally, your loving and knowing presence is everything I have been looking for in these times

Rachel Zhou


Rachel Zhou

What a beautiful service – Thank you angel. 

Sally I really appreciate you so much for holding space last night. Your ability to cut through what your client perceives as the reason they are holding back in areas of their life to get to the root cause is admirable.

You held my hand (virtually) to guide me though my life and the situations that still have a hold on me despite decades of inner work. I love your follow up process and have just received your email and I am looking forward to hearing what my choices mean.

What a beautiful service – Thank you angel.


Sara M Noel

Sara M Noel

We would thoroughly recommend your services.

Sally was very warm and exudes a calm, and caring aura. She provided a space where i was able to release some emotional heaviness from my energy field.
From start to finish, the process was easy and straight forward and my essence arrived very quickly.
Thank you Sally for being guided into our life at this time and for bringing the world of flower essence in to assist us.
We would thoroughly recommend your services.
Thank you once again 😊
Ruby Merrick

As soon as we started speaking I felt my energy change and I felt in safe hands

Pink and White Orchid Flower Image

I had a flower essence consultation with Sally when I needed some support and guidance at a very stressful time.

As soon as we started speaking I felt my energy change and I felt in safe hands.

Apart from being extremely knowledgeable, Sally has a really lovely way about her where she intuitively knows what is going on with you, asking the right questions to really get a sense of your situation.

She helps create and hold a space where you can open up and be yourself.

When she sent me through the essences she was guided to suggest it was spooky how appropriate they were for me.

The ones I chose were absolutely perfect and the bottle she made up helped me to get through a difficult time with a bit more ease and grace. I feel very blessed to know Sally as she is a gifted and compassionate healer.

Avril Egan

Thank you so much Sally, I love what you do

What a beautiful soul Sally Arthurs is. We discussed the answers I’d given on my consultation form.

She gave me space and listened while I cried and vented to her about my soul-crushing day job. We discussed the experience I had around age 8 which seems to be where my fear of confrontation came from. We talked about how that experience has led to all kinds of avoidant behaviours I have; lack of boundaries, people pleasing, not standing up for myself, and so on. All to avoid confrontation. Yet, by some ridiculous twist my job is pretty much all confrontation! No wonder I hate it so much 🙄(for context, I work in complaints).

But then, along comes Sally and frames it in a different way – yes, my job is all confrontation and it gets to me, but I also get to help people who really need it – which is something I value highly.

I’m back at work tomorrow after having a week off for half term, and I don’t have that sense of impending doom that you sometimes get after a nice break. It’s quite refreshing

Sally’s service is all about unpicking those issues/traumas/uncomfortable feelings and thinking about them in a different way. Then, she suggests a number of different flowers whose ‘essence’ or characteristics can support you through whatever you’re dealing with. This is then blended  to be taken orally or used in a number of different ways.


Thank you so much Sally, I love what you do ❤️

Victoria Groves

A truly wonderful experience

I instantly felt drawn and connected to Sally and this allowed me to share some incredibly deep and personal stories with her. I felt safe and held in her presence and with each reveal I felt a deeper connection. I felt heard, understood and supported. Sally has such a warm personality and almost magnetic aura. She is incredibly skilled at holding space, listening and prompting me with just the right questions to help me get a true understanding of what flower essences will help me.

A truly wonderful experience- Thank you Sally – I felt so much lighter after our meeting – literally a Flower Angel on earth

Wendy Concannon

Wendy Concannon

This is powerful stuff

Bird on a branch

Sally you have a great gift. Not only do you have a great knowledge of these powerful plants but an intuitive wisdom that enables you to create them into tailored bottles of pure magic! That’s exactly what you gave me and it was such a comfort when I needed it.

Despite physical distance you were kindly generous with your time and soothing guidance. It was never a problem which made this journey an enjoyable one.  Since your treatment things have shifted in such a big way and the changes have been wonderful. You helped me to connect with me again and helped me to MOVE.  This is powerful stuff and I cant thank you enough… You’re a star! xx


Caroline Monteith, Ballater.

Magical Helpers

“After the Storm” and “Ease & Grace” essences were magical helpers. Literally one dose of each helped me cope with a very tough situation.


If Gold calls you, I encourage you to take part.

Sara Estelle Turner - Lady in Wild Flowers

I am a long time user of Gold energies and essences and know them well in my energy system. I took part in Sally’s Fragment of Gold course very intuitively knowing that there was a part of this process I needed to make more conscious for myself.

By the end of the 5 days and following Sally’s guidance,  I could literally feel that Gold had been welcomed more into my energy bodies and  could feel “its” presence” within and surrounding my cells.

The process feels like an essential part of uplevelling, fine-tuning and being conscious of our energies as our Earth goes through her own transitions and a way for us all toincrease levels of self-worth and self-love from the inside out.

Sally held a beautiful, and powerful space for all of us – allowing the journey to be taken in whatever way was needed by each us. If Gold and working more deeply with your energy and how you can walk on this earth more powerfully calls you, I encourage you to take part.

Sara Estelle Turner