Work With Me

Work With Me

Are you emotionally sensitive and or frustrated at coming up against old blocks that you thought had been dealt with?

Do you feel that your emotions often swamp you and leave you feeling fragile and not quite sure how to cope?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night full of ideas and information but feel deflated in the morning when the feeling of purpose and knowing seems to vanish in the light of day.

Even worse do you dream in information that you feel compelled to share but don’t  know what to do with it. You procrastinate waiting on the right time or opportunity only to find that someone else has done so and the sense of purpose evaporates in an instant. The feeling of deflation and disappointment when this happens can literally feel soul destroying. It can lead to feelings of deep sadness and low self worth. In fact we can even be drawn to disconnect from that whole aspect of ourselves which leaves us feeling even more disconnected and unfulfilled.

Yellow snap dragon flowers in a bowl of water

Fear of not being ready, or good enough or all those other self derogatory terms really can be crippling. Learning to see that you wouldn’t be gifted with the information if you weren’t ready to receive it

Do you live up in your head. Do you have a knowing of what feeds your soul but are struggling to find expression for this in your daily life?

Believe me, I totally get how you feel, I have been there and stumbled along this path for too long. There comes a point when it is too painful not to follow all that beautiful inner guidance. It is too uncomfortable to try and fit in rather than breaking free and doing the things that really make you happy. This transitional phase can be really uncomfortable and bring up all sorts of deep seated patterns that complicate things. This if often where the old blocks come from.

Its easier than you think!

How would it feel if you could lift those barriers and find a new way to navigate?

Would you like to learn how to bring that blissful feeling of connection into your every day life?

How can working with the energy of the stars help?

We are all have some understanding of how the moon and the sun affects us. We are also aware of the influence of the stars from an astrology point of view. However our souls connect to the energy of the celestial bodies a much deeper level.

Establishing or deepening our Soul Star connection allows us to bring another part of us online. It gifts us a fresh perspective and can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

This clearer knowing and understanding literally can be the key we need to unlock what has seemed to hold us back for so long.

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There are several ways you can work with me to help you find your own unique way to empower YOU,  to find your own soul star connection and empower yourself to live the life you totally deserve and that fulfils you mind body and spirit! To find and integrate your own uniqueness and self worth. 


I provide 1:1 consultations. Group journeys, 1:1 mentoring and also have my own range of vibrational essences that can help you through specific times of your life when you need that bit of extra support. 

To find which is the best option for you and to find out more please book a free chat using the button below.