Are you feeling Soul tired?

Are you feeling Soul tired?

Are you tired? I don’t mean a lack of sleep tired. I mean that bone deep soul weary type tired.

I have been speaking to so many people recently that are feeling this way – and I too am navigating as best as I can. If it is any consolation it seems to be very much a collective energy, although if you have a lot of personal “stuff” going on this will be massively elevated.

Humanity is at this huge crossroads; we know that the world that we are currently living in is not functioning in a helpful or supportive way on any level. We all know that there is a change that is needed. Trying to see how change can be brought about or what can be done is a harder part of this to navigate, without losing heart. This almost crisis point energy is playing out for so many people right now and when we get caught in focusing on the negative things that we see, our view of our world and the world in general can really put us into a bit of a funk.

As if all that is not enough, we have been bombarded with a massive amount of solar radiation in the last few weeks, with almost incessant solar flares and CME’s. There are also some very intense astrological energies playing out around us.

We are also knee deep in Eclipse Season, with the recent Lunar eclipse and heading for the Solar Eclipse that is taking place on 8th April.  Looking at these energetic events from the perspective of a radio, these signals, that we normally receive, and our bodies are used to rolling with as part and parcel of our human journey, are literally being interrupted or completely blocked.

When a lunar eclipse occurs the moon’s energy is interrupted or blocked and in Solar eclipses the sun’s energy is interrupted or blocked. So, our systems get a bit confused when this happens. It’s like when a radio goes slightly off station and that annoying static is uncomfortable, or when the light suddenly goes out and we have to find our way around in the dark for a minute or two.  Momentarily we are having a blast of one energy while the other is decreased and if you are particularly tired or have a sensitivity to a specific energy then even minor disruptions can cause an uneasy feeling or

 I talk about this energy a lot, and there is no escaping the fact that it IS happening, and that it DOES affect us. Now please don’t think for a second that this is always in a negative way, and often it is highly motivational and transformative energy.

Often it can motivate people to rest by invoking tiredness, it can also motivate us by highlighting things in our lives that are not in alignment with what we need. This can be a highly uncomfortable process and can lead to tough decisions being made, where we need to dig deep into our soul to see exactly what is best for us. It can motivate us to get out of our comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Whether you are feeling this or not it will be affecting you on some level and during these intense times it is always a clever idea to practice good energy maintenance, to keep an eye on what is happening and how we are feeling. In fact, checking in with how you are feeling regularly and often can be a game changer and allow you to alleviate the more difficult symptoms of these energies.

I am using my own self care package of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to support me through these energies. It came as a bit of a surprise when it popped into my awareness, as normally it is a winter solstice journey.  However, it is becoming apparent that these three elements are perfect when we need to dig deep and work through any of the emotional aspects and thought patterns including outdated beliefs that we are being offered a chance of shifting with the illumination of the energies bathing the planet right now.

 There are some interesting articles out there on the energies that this upcoming Solar eclipse will bring.  If you are remotely sensitive to these energies, and I am guessing if you have read this far that you are! I highly recommend reading them and getting really in tune with what is happening and finding a way to best support yourself through this.

 I will also make the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh package available via the website should you wish to invoke the support of these transformational products. 

* Gold cultivates self worth, addresses addictive behaviours and increases our inner light. 

* Frankincense cultivates spiritual maturity while calming inner chaos and assisting with compulsive tendencies

* Myrrh promotes forgiveness of self and others while addressing our deepest fears and insecurities. 

So, if YOU are feeling bone and soul weary or way more tired than usual, dig deep and remember that this too shall pass!

As always with Gold & Starlight love


Sally xxx

Raise your Vibration?

Raise your Vibration?

What does that even mean?

I’ve been pondering on this one even more so recently – the world is full of buzz words right now and it’s so hard not to use them- and we sort of get the  vibe of them but often it’s not as clear or obvious what it’s really about.

One phrase that gets banded about quite a lot and I use a lot is “raising your vibration” and to be honest I am really not best friends with it – and I can feel your why question drifting into my energy field !!! 

Well one reason is that using the word “raising” in its self suggests being higher – better – more which in turn suggests that we are not “enough” as we are and that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I also hear so many people use it in connection with feeling better – i.e. when things aren’t going right or your feeling out of sorts, then “raise that vibration” and everything will change – which again suggests that we are not holding a positive enough vibe. Quite frankly to hit someone who’s feeling pretty crappy with a glib phrase that infers if they plant a big smile on their face and think happy high vibe thoughts all will be well, is not an ideal way to go. In fact it can have the completely opposite effect. 

So what is this vibration and raising it all about?

Have you ever stopped to think about it? 

Well your vibration is your energetic frequency- we all have our own frequencies and those frequencies in turn have their own range. We resonate with others who are also in a similar frequency – think of being a radio tuner and when someone is out with our bandwidth it’s like listening to a lot of white noise and static and our energies just don’t feel compatible.

Everything in our world is energy and we are constantly interacting with and reacting to these energies. 

If you look on your body as being a container for those energies – and everything you do has an effect on that body and therefore alters the frequency. The food you eat, the environment you’re in , lifestyle, thought patterns, external factors such as jobs and people who are part of our lives whether full time or intermittently.

Absolutely everything holds relevance to our energetic frequency. 

We are a bit like a battery really, (a rechargeable one thankfully!) and I’m sure you’re very familiar with being around people or attending events that completely drain your energy and that you’re intimate with how that feels!  At these times we literally need to take quiet time to rest and recharge until our energy is restored enough to able us to function again. 

I’m sure your equally familiar with those “high vibe” people and events that when your involved with them your literally buzzing with energy and feel on top of the world – and you will also then be familiar with the slump we feel once we are no longer plugged into that energy and we drop down into our own energy again. 

That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with our unique vibration , it doesn’t even mean that the other person vibrates at a “higher” or “better” frequency than ours and it’s actually probably more of a sharing of energies that are compatible that have created that synergistic “high vibe” and it’s not something sustainable for us individually – which then opens up the topic of the collective consciousness and vibration but that is definitely going down the rabbit hole and not quite where I’m aiming for today! 

So our energies like that of a battery can be drained or charged and if  we always remain as we are then there is no huge problem. 

There does come a time when things change when there are more “things” for the battery to run if you like, and it/we get drained very quickly- so the energies that we are holding expand but our own personal battery/ energy container /body just can’t sustain them. 

So what are these “extra’s”?

Well we only have to look at our world to see the different manmade frequencies that our bodies have to work within compared to say 50 years ago, there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet, High, low and medium frequency radio waves – and that is probably just skimming the surface.

Then due to the earths placement at this time we are in a huge space of energetic turbulence. Think of Solar flares and coronal mass ejections, the shift in the Schumaann resonance and that is only covering a tiny fragment of the energies that are constantly bombarding us on a constant basis.

This is when we require an energy recalibration and need to upgrade our physical bodies in order to hold this new vibration – this new software if you like.  All these changes our bodies have to adapt and fine tune to so that we can utilise the ones that are beneficial for us and live more compatibly with the ones that are less so “helpful” The body is a remarkable piece of equipment and its adaptability is what has allowed for our continuing inhabitation of the Earth.

Anything that we CAN do to assist our bodies in adapting to these frequencies is of immense help. There are many ways to upgrade our bodies so that they can run these different and yes higher frequencies – remember higher or lower frequencies do not equate with “good” or “bad” BUT our physical bodies need to be able to roll with a greater frequency range than they have ever done and one of the most effective practices I have found for this is running the frequency of Gold in my system. I will be running the next Fragments of Gold journey soon but in the meantime if you would like to know a little bit more about Gold and how its energy can assist us in these times of massively expanded frequencies you can sign up for my eBook and acquaint yourself with Gold – here is where you can access this

I would love to hear how this sits with you and if it’s something you too have been pondering

As always

with Starlight Love

Sally xxx

Animal Guides – The Panther –  Stars & EeeShel Trinity Essences

Animal Guides – The Panther – Stars & EeeShel Trinity Essences

I had a strange initiation into the realm of animal spirit guides that again, in hindsight, goes further back than first thought-  as always seems to be the case. There is a theme I promise! Although I will meander a little, as you do!

I had been so distraught at the loss of my little border collie cross companion Corrie, when I was 11 that my family refused point blank to have another dog – or any pet really. I tried several times to persuade them but to no avail.

When I was  around 16 there was something strange that went on and suddenly my mum arrived home and we were embracing the tiniest black kitten into our home. My mum, being a rather old school and blatantly obvious with names – called her Sooty. 

She always remained a dainty soul and I referred  to her as “my little black panther” She would often sleep on my bed and I assisted her through 2 very unexpected litters when she uncharacteristically decided that outdoors was ok so when she reached about 4 years old. Incidentally we kept one of the kittens who my mum insisted on calling “Tigger” – yes you’ve guessed it – he was a striped tabby! 

Sooty opened the flood gates 

Before too long, I managed to persuade them to let me have a dog. So for many years we had a bit of a menagerie going on, but hey I digress.  

I had never given spirit or totem animals much thought. As a participant in a spiritual development group – the weeks topic was animal guides – so off we went on a journey to meet ours. It was a very unremarkable journey and I met with a black panther – who walked slowly and deliberately towards the water’s edge between us and fixed her gaze on me. That was it, very mundane and definitely not insightful. 

Then a day or two later “it” began , the dreams, nightmares even, where I saw myself as a young antelope like creature and every time I had the dream this black panther with her staring gaze would course after me and pounce on the back of my neck, dragging me to the ground and then literally squeezing the life out of me. 

Each time the short and fast dream was exactly the same. 

Then I began having strange reactions to sounds, one I remember distinctly was when a motor bike zoomed up behind me – and as it passed me – I froze – and recoiled my neck in – shoulders up round my ears type reaction. I was physically waiting on the “bite” which was incredibly surreal. This went on for several days with me reacting to sounds, always, and only those that  originated from behind me. 

Encouraged by mentors to explore – I did and this small black panther  arrived – showing me my nightmares from her perspective – a starving mother desperate to feed her young I was easy picking and my life sacrifice allowed multiple life’s to continue and her showing up with gratitude opened a whole new world of understanding for me.

For many years she walked beside me – small , sleek – and when there was ever an instance where I had to be critically aware of my surroundings or those around me she walked purposely in front of me and sat there – alerting me and encouraging decrement . 

This continued for many years until I visited Belize and Guatemala – we visited the Mayan Temples in Lamanai, Belize, including the Jaguar Temple. Followed shortly after by a rather arduous mid-day jungle treck to the Jaguar caves in Guatemala – after being part of a Mayan protection ceremony! 

I had a bizarre experience where my trusty panther guide rose up in front of me and showed herself in a much taller and more robust form than she had ever been – winding herself around me in that way felines so , she reared up behind me and rather than pouncing – she merged with my energy completely.  It was incredibly powerful and incredibly emotional. I felt stronger than I have ever done. 

We interestingly also visited Cozumel in Mexico where we just happened to find our way to the Temple of the Moon Goddess Ixchel, also known as the Jaguar goddess.


Top Left Moon Temple of Ixchel – Other images Jaguar Temple and mask Temple at Lamanai, Belize
( Yes the rain forest DOES live up to its name!)

So to explain further – Ixchel is The Moon goddess, who worshipped the sun god and bore him the 4 star Jaguar sons of the 4 directions.  ( panthers -more subtly -and jaguars coats  actually resemble star constellations! )

I had been drawn to having a tattoo years earlier which I found out was Mayan symbology of the sun and the moon and yet this was the first time I had heard the personal connection to Ixchel . 

Coming on the back of my Jaguar experience it was hard to ignore the relationship. 

I was therefore guided to rename my vibrational essence range and Ixchel trinity became the phonetic spelling of EeeShel Trinity Essences.  If you know me you will know of my love of 3’s and the trinity often links to mind, body, spirit and also in this case the Sun, Moon and Stars!

There are have been many other synchronistic events that have arrived and many are ongoing. Which brings me back to what prompted me to write this post in the first place!

We were recently decorating our bedroom, I use the term loosely as it was literally taken back to the brick to be re-done! Anyway I was in search for a panther  painting for the walls but was drawing a blank until I saw an absolutely amazing one named “Pantheress” by Kerry Darlington not only beautiful the symbology of the merging of the protectress energy with the feminine but Kerry’s description of the art work really spoke to me and I quote ” Many cultures have been fascinated by the symbolism of black panthers. They’ve been thought to symbolize the feminine, the dark mother, the dark of the moon; Darkness, death and rebirth from it;

Seen as protector of the universe. On a Shamanic level, they are said to aid Astral Travel. I depicted the panther here as a guardian of the feminine and wanted the background to have an abstract otherworldly feel, so that it could be in space, part of a dream, or deep underwater”

As you can see this fitted my own experience with panther /Jaguar perfectly! It is rather beautiful isn’t it?

So in a round a bout way I got there! The prompt was hanging the photograph and the sharing is my personal experience with the Panther / Jaguar – it is surreal to feel her when she is around, you can feel her stealth, her purposeful gait, the ripple of every sinew in her body as she steps forward. Her exquisite examination of the surroundings, and yet her unwavering calmness. Her ability to alert me to situations, or people that I may not have picked up on – I feel truly blessed that she walks with me.

Do you have experiences of your animal guide and how has working with them altered your life?

Why Fragments of Gold

Why Fragments of Gold

As many of you know Gold is one of my “Things” my passion and what an amazing journey I have had with Gold! If you have been around for a while you probably know this but I completely get that many folks here will not know how I got to be so passionate about this amazing element. 

Gold has been on my radar since around 2000 or so – consciously that is and it’s hard to say exactly how it piqued my interest in the first place but wiggling it’s way in it definitely got my attention! 

I began having weird interactions with Gold via meditation around 2009/10 and my Egyptian interest coupled with curiosity opened up a bit of a weird one with bi – location, Mono atomic gold and ongoing insights into just what Gold could bring to me on an energetic level. 

The insights came and went as did the practice but each time I revisited the journey it gifted me something more in-depth and intriguing than the last one. 

So the notion of Fragments of Gold was in essence born around 2011 but it was little more than a self-exploration practice that was developing for me.

Now I can be a bit slow and obstinate and unless synchronicities are bountiful and kind of wave wiggle themselves in my face introducing themselves  I can dig my heels in – waiting for ” higher confirmation” that I am indeed on the right track. ( thankfully I’m getting better at listening!) 

That higher confirmation came in the rather unusual format of a musical event that was to be held in Glasgow Cathedral – this was to be held on 30th August 2014.

The event only caught my eye as it was called “Fragments of Gold”  – I hummed and hawed over whether I should go or not – bought a ticket and still couldn’t make my mind up. 

It was some classical composition composed by DJ Goldie – who was a complete unknown to me – after a Google search finding out that he is big in the Drum and Base music field which was definitely NOT my thing! 

There was that little itch at my brain that tweaking of the Golden threads that I couldn’t help notice – Fragments of Gold – Goldie with his gold capped teeth – to perform an ancient classical piece in the sacred space of Glasgow Cathedral which is a known node on the Glasgow Network of aligned sites ( ley lines and sacred sites were another of my passions!) 

Then things started to get a little weird – it took me ages to share this as it feels a bit egotistical – and yet it feels so synchronistically aligned. 

Anyway the dreams began and over a few days they played out – each time ending  in a shout out from Goldie looking to connect with a person with a specific  mix of

tattoo’s – I know crazy right ? 

Each time in the dream there would be a few people put themselves forward and each time they weren’t the right ones – he refined the criteria and voila they matched mine – I tried ignoring it but each time something or someone else in the dream would push me forward- and it would end when Goldie acknowledged me by simply saying “it’s you” 

It was, in my mind overtly egotistical and I couldn’t think for the life of me why I would even want to connect with a gold toothed – wild – drum and base guy! 

Yet the fragments of Gold kept swirling in my awareness   , I gave in and decided to go anyway – it wasn’t going to be a long event  so what was there to lose? Not to mention I might get a bit of peace from the crazy dreams! 

On the night I was still not feeling the vibe –  so kicked on a comfy pair of Jeans and a top threw an old cardi on just incase it rained – and a comfy pair of trainers as it was a bit of a hike to the cathedral. 

It was a warm night and I was a bit frazzled by the time I got there – so feeling decidedly grumpy and frumpy for better way of describing it I took a seat and watched the

carefully  arranged pendulums swish to and fro over blocks that resembled white Piano keys – a friendly sort of guy sat next to me and struck up a conversation- which to be frank bored me really quickly as it was pulling my attention from the vibe that was in the room – so polite hmm’s and occasional nodding was my mode.

Suddenly a ripple went round the room and this unrecognisable guy walked down the nearby aisle.  The guy next to me informed me “there he is” so I presumed he meant Goldie – he looked nothing like the kind of menacing photos from his acting roles that I’d seen on the internet – thankfully!

Then all of a sudden he broke into a run and bounced right over to me – gave me the mother of all bear hugs – said “you look like you need a hug “ and then bounced off into the throng of people again! 

The hug was remarkable not a superficial type one but a strong heart connected one – and definitely not the kind I would expect from a stranger – Let alone a celebrity one! 

The event was amazing and to listen to how Goldie channeled the music – getting up in the night to compose having no notion of exactly how it had arrived – just that that’s the way it happens! 

The music was filtered to perfection as the acoustics of the cathedral carried it in its fullness and it was certainly a worthwhile experience however the validations of Fragments of Gold was enough to spur me on to taking the journey to a whole new level – Gold insights often arrive in the middle of the night so capturing the fullness of this can take time and effort, but it’s literally worth its weight in Gold ! 

So this is how my signature programme came to its title of Fragments of Gold – a phenomenal experience and yet it still took time for more of the components to filter through – I offered my first “Fragments of Gold” journey back in 2019 and have been running these via short journeys regularly since then.

There is another shift in this work coming and a deepening of those Fragments of Gold and I will be announcing this soon – Autumn 2022.

I am grateful for this amazing experience that anchored that name for me without a shadow of a doubt. I am grateful for Gold and how it has shown me so much of its long forgotten amazingness and I am grateful for those who have joined me to journey with Gold and to embrace its specialness.

(event images courtesy of Historic Scotland)

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Mirrors eh!  Love them or hate them they are interesting – intriguing and also very enlightening. 

When you look into the mirror – who do you see?  

Do you recognise the person looking back at you?

Do you look at them with love or with criticism ~ or worse ~ condemnation?

Do you see only flaws or perhaps disappointment as the years shift our features into something or someone we may feel we don’t know? 

Or do you see a soul looking back at you through your eyes 

Searching for a glimmer of kindness ~ love ~ recognition even? 

How do you treat that person looking back at you from the mirror? Do you pay them very little attention – do you judge and belittle – do you treat them in the way you would abhor to treat another human being?

What if I remind you that the person in the mirror – the reflection looking back at you – is your greatest ally ~ the one person who doesn’t desert you ~ your greatest teacher ~ your confidante ~ the person who knows every little detail about you – the times you have cried yourself to sleep – the times you have gone out of your way to help others unnoticed ~ your uncertainties and your fears. 

Perhaps that is why you criticise that reflection ~ presuming it to be “like others” ready to pounce and use your flaws and insecurities against you? 

What if I told you that this person staring right back at you is the one you need to love the most ~ the one you need to be gentle and kind with ~ the one who is always patiently waiting for your approval? 

If you are looking for approval- look in the mirror 

If you are looking for love – look in the mirror 

If you are looking for compassion look in the mirror

If you are looking for inspiration look in the mirror 

Looking in the mirror we look to ourselves ~ to our deepest wisdom ~ to our infinite well of unconditional love and compassion. Your greatest teacher looks back at you when you look in the mirror!

What if I told you that everything you don’t like in your life is a mirror? A mirror reflecting back at you the need to look within ~ to look to your own guidance~ to love yourself? 

Until we can face the external what ever it may be – with unconditional love and an understanding that all discord comes from a place of lack of love ~ then until we find that place within ~ our own painful hurts will be triggered ~ no amount of external work or avoidance ~ will heal the places where we deeply need to love ourselves. 

Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all – when you can love yourself unconditionally , there is so much love within that it can’t help overflow and touch everything we do and everyone we meet with that beautiful magic.

Until you learn to love yourself you will always have a space where no matter how much love you receive from others there will still be that aching empty space within.

What if I told you that loving yourself is much easier than you think – it begins with small steps and the more you take these small steps the bigger the impact on your wellbeing.

Start by saying something kind to yourself – If you don’t find it easy to say ” I love you” try “thank you” and if you struggle with that try to stop any negative “thought comments” in their track ….. we say things like ” my hair is a mess” ” you look – Tired/Pale/bored/ too old/ too young/too thin/too fat ….add adjectives to suit your own personal situation. I am sure you will be well aware of the dialogue you have with yourself.

So take some time to appreciate the beautiful soul that looks back at you through your eyes via the lens of the mirror and begin to share love and gratitude with them – watch how life becomes easier and how others respond in a positive way to the changes and the love they can sense emanating from you via the soulful mirror of your eyes ……

As always, with Starlight love

Sally xxx

Always a work in progress!

Always a work in progress!

We are always a work in progress – No matter how long we have been doing “this”. “This” being working on self development, self awareness, personal healing or what ever else you choose to call it.

There is always room for improvement and there will always be times when we fall back into old patterns, old habits and old knee jerk reactions

Thankfully we get better at recognising it BUT sometimes – just sometimes – there can be something that triggers us that we either choose not to see or it somehow slips past our radar. We convince ourselves that all is well, and for the most part it may well be.

However, we can find ourselves subtly drawn out of our centre. Things just don’t feel quite right, we don’t feel quite right, ungrounded, fuzzy, find it harder to connect. All these feelings when they persist can be good pointers that there is something that we are allowing to go under the radar that needs addressed.

I was reminded , this last week or so , that I had lost sight of focus, clarity had slipped, confusion and a real sense of self doubt was growing. It was subtle at first, nothing I could quite put a finger on. I shrugged it off – all is well – I convinced myself.

Focus goes further out “of focus” pardon the pun! Ungrounded, spacey not able to follow through on what I had started – limping ever so slightly – All is well I tell myself less convincingly.

I have a default space of pain of needing reassurance, of not trusting my own judgement – a childhood wound of not being allowed to assert myself – being told what I needed to do and when. Of needing approval.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a horrid thing, just what ever I seemed to choose – there was always a “BUT” but this one is better, this thing is more acceptable, this way is better. All that unconscious micro chipping away of confidence in the ability to choose took many years of painstaking work. I had it pretty much sussed or so I thought.

A situation almost at its conclusion required me to do something that really felt against the grain – in fairness it was unavoidable and wasn’t really a huge thing – but it triggered that part of me that felt ” less than” that felt “undermined” that felt uncomfortable and unsure. That little girl in me – pushed into the limelight – stood nervously picking her nails – twirling her hair – looking lost – desperately trying to please while wishing she could be a million miles from where she was.

All is well I whispered almost imperceivably this time, as I began to reach out to others in an unhealthy way, fumbling for a sense of security, peeking round corners for answers, being more needy in my relationships yet somehow pushing others out at arms length. A petulance – wanting to do it myself – yet still wanting to be told what I was doing was right – heck as it spiralled it felt like I needed someone to give me permission to do what I needed to do – or perhaps on some level I was looking for a get out clause- an excuse “not to”

Yet somewhere in the seeking, the searching, the grasping at straws – the answers caused more confusion – deepened the growing sense of panic and ungroundedness.

Thoughts beginning to spiral – then thoughts of “hating myself” of being disgusted by my “inability to make sense of things” – the waking in the night micro analysing every move, every choice, the sick feeling rising …… Enough! Thankfully that is when awareness kicked in – I began to see my retreat into that old space and that need to take the reins, to hold myself as my greatest council and to heed my own words. Flower essences to the rescue oops Cerato essence not rescue remedy!

Cerato is a beautiful blue flower that brings us back into the still centre of ourselves where we “know” what to do – where we can hear our inner judgement – when we trust our own plan of action.

A few drops and the rising inner chaos descends to a low hum, a few more drops later – silence – calm – clarity returns. Hearing my own inner council suddenly all the jangly feelings stopped, I knew what to do and not only that I was taking immediate action. It was the ONLY way to get through this – the only way to quell the anxious feelings. Job done!

We have to understand that we are human and that we have these traits, each time we come to a crisis or near crisis point is generally where or when we are ready to make a breakthrough to the next level.

Don’t give yourself a hard time about it – journal with it, make friends with it , cut that inner child some slack and hang out with them – chat with them share perspectives and come to an agreement to move forward – peeling yet another layer of the onion off – shedding some burden that you no longer need to carry – making way for fresh things. New ways. YOUR way.

So remember that it happens to us all – it CAN sneak up on us when we are least expecting it BUT we can quickly shift through and come out the other side – a little bit wiser, a little bit stronger and a lot more aware.

The healing journey is a spiral – not a straight path, with each full circle – just when we feel like we are back in that same old place – have made no progress, are having to go through “all that” AGAIN – Is when we are actually breaking through.

When something emotional is trapped inside its a bit like a bubble in an ice block – there has to be energy to heat the ice so that it melts enough for the bubble to be freed to rise to the surface to dissipate – our emotions are those bubbles trapped inside – little pockets or hurt, of pain, of loss, of abandonment, of rejection in fact anything painful that we have pushed down and frozen inside – the energy needed to unfreeze those emotions come from the catalyst , the trigger , and when we are ready to release the ice melts enough to let that bubble pass to the surface – sometimes quickly and smoothly , sometimes it takes a bit of pushing and shoving and extra energy to coax it out.

The one thing sure about it that if we work with the process we can make things easier and that once released there is a whole new perspective and lessening of the hold that the emotion had on us. It also allows us to be more aware should we revisit this healing spiral of exactly what is going on for us.

I have negotiated this path and have laid another layer of the onion to rest – for now the way forward feels smooth and fresh and vibrant – I know there will be more twists and turns and bumps in the road but I celebrate the victory trusting in my own judgement to show me the way ……

If you need assistance on your journey drop me a message or book a call to have a free introductory chat to see how vibrational essences could assist your healing journey and the path back to the magical and empowered soul that you are under any perceived weights that you carry.

Anubis – Divine Masculine & the vibration of the Heart

Anubis – Divine Masculine & the vibration of the Heart

 There is something in the air … can you feel it?

Like a cog has turned and something “different” has fallen into place.

I have been drawn to a statue I have here of Anubis – saved from a time when my world was filled with Egyptian symbology. His energy is strong and I am sharing what is coming to light for me.

He brings the strength of the divine masculine, he invites us to live from our heart – and to stay true to what we hold in those inner chambers of




and Understanding

Anubis is said to judge the weight of hearts in the underworld – weighing them against a feather-yet he cannot do anything other than to see us from our own eyes, from our own place of wounded judgement.

He invites us now to remove heaviness of heart and to live from our own highest vibrations – not to let others pull us into their storms but to meet them where they are anchored in our own space – strong in our own truth and holding firm to our own knowing and to hold firm in being the highest version of ourselves.

Do not fall into judgement either of yourself or others. Know that you transcend judgement – discernment however is a trusty friend.

Feel the weights calibrate and know that when you feel “off” that you have moved further from your own core and frequency and allow recalibration to take place.

We are asked at this time to lean in fully to the divine masculine and to allow and infact openly invite in that support.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we ask for external support – although that is absolutely fine – but it could simply mean stepping into our own divine masculine. 

As women we have mastered calling in our divine feminine and stepping away from the wounded aspect of ourselves however when we deploy the counterbalance masculine that we need – we often go into defence action wounded masculine space and then feel that things around us begin to crumble.

Many men have mastered their divine masculine but need to employ the evolved feminine aspect rather than the wounded.

As humans we need to interact with both these aspects in their highest vibrational form and to show the opposite aspect exactly how we need things to be,  and if that means calling out the dance steps one by one until we master it then lets do that ….

Always remembering to come back to that fluidity at our core that place of our unique inner feminine and masculine mix

Anubis holds space for us to do this – to be in our heart and the more we can love all aspects of ourselves the more we can love the aspects of what ever is mirrored back to us from the external world.

It feels we are at a gateway and only being in this pure and balanced – unjudgmental – and compassionate place can we find – and remain in the sanctuary of our inner peace.

An acceptance of our divine gold print which is slowly coming on line and will enable us to more fully live from that  higher heart vibration that removes all weight from our hearts and brings a new vibrational reality with many new choices that have not been available to us in this time line until now.

Important times my friends as you learn the steps of this ancient yet new ritualistic dance with lightness of heart – NO MATTER what plays on externally to you or what your perceptions at any given time may be. As they say ” Love is the answer – no matter the question”

With Starlight love

Sally xxx

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

“ Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” in the words of Walter Scott

The last year or so has really brought that phrase home to roost. We are all affected by what is playing out in the world around us to a greater or lesser degree and no matter where you sit on the fence – the further down the road we go – the more bizarre the twists and turns seem to be.

We are constantly having to check in with our own judgement and inner barometer in order to keep track of just where we are going.

Every living thing we encounter

 Every thought we have

 Every script we read

 Every choice we make

Every conversation we have

Every interaction out with our selves

They are all connected to us by gossamer thin threads. The more we begin to understand this the more simplified we can make it.

Now as you are reading this, I KNOW that YOU are aware of energies and our role in energetic hygiene. Cleansing and clearing your energies personal and physical, keeping clear energetic boundaries and all the “stuff” that I know you will have explored as part of your journey. You would probably not be reading this if you were not interested in energetic interactions!

All that we do brings gossamer attachments and much as we think they are easily brushed off – I would like you to really think about this

How often do you have an interaction with someone that is uncomfortable

you decide to detach from the person

You detach from the situation

Energy ties cut

Done and dusted,


Well,  if for one second you go back and replay the situation in your mind, or even talk about it to someone else – think about the person or situation – or try to make sense of what went on – you are renewing that strand of connection without realising it and without taking the steps to cut those ties.

Think on it a bit like sun bathing .

You sit in the sun

 You feel your skin begin to burn slightly

 You move your position or perhaps go inside for a bit

You return cooled and refreshed to sit in the sun again

As long as you stay within reach of direct sunlight your skin will continue to be affected by those rays. You have to go indoors for the rest of the day – or cover up appropriately and take action – perhaps using Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin, and to be careful over the next few days until your skin has had a chance to recover.

Energetic attachments are a bit like that. You need to take conscious action to remove all remnants of connection to enable to repairs to your aura or energetic system to be repaired.

The energetic attachments to everything that we are experiencing right now is through the roof – there is deception everywhere you look – there is a need for you to know without a shadow of a doubt your own energy – what YOU as an energetic being need – and how to discern what needs to stay and what needs to go.

I am not talking about who or what is right, wrong, or indifferent. I am talking about really tuning in to your own inner wisdom and learning to walk from that place of truth and discernment. What do YOU as an energetic being NEED to function?

All the opposing views, the myriad “facts” and “figures” the constant bombardment of information from just about everywhere you go and everyone you meet. The Web is indeed tangled, and our “normal” route of detachment just doesn’t cut it pardon the pun.

We can also be guilty of being over attached to points of view or to trains of thought that can serve to keep us feeling safe but these “security blankets” don’t always serve our best interest either.

We have to learn to get up to speed with energetic housekeeping – we need to tune in and discern how a specific person, thought or emotion makes us feel. To really sit with it and unpick the tangles a bit, let it loose how does it feel? Do we need to hold on to it? Do we need to untangle a little more to see where it has gotten its wires crossed and tied up in a pile of other thoughts – notions – feelings.

 Can you begin to feel just how messy and complicated our energetic attachments have become?

We are constantly being bombarded by opposing view points – think social media – our phones – the internet – radio – tv  – shopping – everyone you meet – unless you get well off the beaten track it can be difficult to detach completely and immerse in the calm still reality of nature – which is our true nature – it is our default setting.

I remember my first ever time on retreat – away from the influence of everyone and everything that normally surrounded me – I was completely shocked to find out that absolutely NOTHING that ? – generally had an influence on me day to day, actually mattered.

Were the kids behaving? It didn’t matter – it wasn’t my responsibility they were in safe hands

Was X, Y or Z happening in my local community? It didn’t matter life still unfolded moment by moment

What was happening in the main stream news? It didn’t matter, I still had to do what I had to in the moment.

Releasing those attachments to having to “know” outside of the realm that was important to me in that moment was liberating. It let me immerse myself fully in every moment that I was there – it let me focus on ME – for once I could hear the voice inside that was normally drowned out by the louder shouting voices of those around me – whether that was family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, television, internet and probably a million other routes of distraction.   

Before enlightenment – Chop wood carry water

After enlightenment – Chop wood,carry water

THE most important thing we can do no matter who we are , no matter the role we take on, no matter how important our mission may feel, no matter what is playing out around us is to BE  100% authentically ourselves. We can’t do that when we are tangled up in all these energetic threads no matter how insignificant they may feel they have a huge impact on our reality.

Think dirty lens on glasses, clear vision obscured

Think radio station slightly off tune,  distorted messages

Think ears full of cotton wool – unable to hear clearly

Think rubber gloves on hands – damping down our sense of touch

We don’t put clothes on and then the following day add another layer – we remove the clothing – shower – and put clean clothes on the next day. Our energetic systems require the same attention and even more so right now.

Not only are we being bombarded from all the external sources as above but we are also in an energetic corridor that is bombarding us with energy that is a different frequency to what we are used to.

We ARE evolving energetically whether we like it or not – it isn’t always comfortable BUT we can make it so much easier by taking that responsibility for clearing our energetic bodies and learning how to best work with these new energies.

If we don’t allow the shifts it will become increasingly uncomfortable. If we consistently hang on to the old – we will feel stretched to breaking point.

These simple steps will help you to move through anything you encounter much more easily



Discern (again)




There are lots of ways we can assist with the cleansing and repair and vibrational essences are my go to. I will share in another post shortly what essences are best suited to these times and how to use them most effecively.

Allow yourself to be free from as much of this entanglement as you can and really learn to trust that inner knowing – Spidey sense may be appropriate for now?

As always with Starlight love

Sally xxx

Solstice Blessings

Solstice Blessings

Solstice Blessings – As Summer Solstice glides in we are immersed in a tremendous amount of solar light. As humans we require this sunlight to thrive – the sun is our greatest source of making vitamin d – and we need that to keep our immune systems topped up and in good working order.

I have a strange relationship with this life giving star – I love the warmth it brings – I love what it gifts us but I struggle from lack of dark skies that help me to access the energy of the stars that feed me at soul level. However this year I am having an incredibly dance with the sun – and I am consciously inviting that energy deep within my being – allowing it to infuse every cell in my body – anchoring it for future use like a solar powered battery.

It feels incredibly important to do this – it feels like the incoming waves of solar energy are gifting us the shift in our internal polarity that we so desperately need to allow our energetic upgrade to be aligned with the planetary upgrade ( you only have to observe the Schuman resonance charts to see how that is playing out)

As our crystalline structures are immersed in solar power – we shift though limitations and expand into the next layer of crystalline based –

we already hold the crystalline structure

We are shifting polarity from carbon based to crystalline which isn’t as far fetched as you think!

Carbon – think calcium carbonate – – teeth bones etc

Crystalline – think silicone dioxide ( quartz) which we already hold in sinews- hair- eyelashes etc

Allow the solar infusions to upgrade your personal energy and activate that inner gold that allows you to shift your personal polarities to match that Of the planetary polar shifts. It may feel a bit icky at times but remember it is magnetic energy so it can really pull us around – going with the flow is key to lessening the feelings of distortion ☀️

I encourage you to be open to this upgraded light especially over the next few days – and to take time to sit with this energy – particularly allowing it to settle into the creational void of the reproductive sacral chakra – allowing this light to illuminate all that you want to create – the beauty of life is we DO get to create the experiences we want – though we have to be open that they are not always quite as we had thought – wisdom and willingness to co create.

Exciting times beautiful people

Wishing you solstice blessings may your grail cup be filled with the solar nourishment you need for the coming months. With starlight love, Sally xxx


Reality and Perception

Reality and Perception

We are deeply on course with our energetic and physical “upgrading” and we are learning new ways to support and care for ourselves. A big part of this is learning to challenge our triggers and discern why we are being triggered in the way that we are. Does it push an old pattern button that causes a less favourable knee jerk reaction?

How can we approach things from a place of love and as much neutrality as we can?

Remember everyone has a valid point of view. It’s a bit like arguing with someone from the Southern Hemisphere that it is summer right now when they are absolutely adamant that it is winter. Both of us are right and without being armed with information of the difference in hemispheres a resolution or common ground would never be found.

( Did you presume that the image at the top of the page was of snow? Its actually the salt flats at Pamukkale in Turkey!)

Everyone has a different reality. That reality is shaped by genetics, ancestral patterning, parental views and peer influence amongst other things. If I have never encountered the same landscapes whether physical, emotional or spiritual I will never fully understand your form of reality. In the same way you could never fully understand mine. We may have touching points that link and unify us in some way but we won’t be exactly the same, and that is perfectly ok.

It’s by speaking about our realities that we begin to open to the notion that there is a bigger picture and that our version is part of that jigsaw. Similarly to a jigsaw if we are trying to fit into a part of the puzzle that is totally misaligned and we don’t fit into then we will encounter much more resistance from those around us.

That’s not to say we can’t alter our own edges by being open to new thoughts and being open to possibilities that our views are not the only ones. As we expand our own realities we can become more compassionate when others show up with different views. 

It doesn’t mean we gullibly accept poor treatment from others in respect of our different realities, in fact it means we may well need to step up our boundaries and point out that much as we see things differently that X, Y or Z is just not how we choose to be treated. 

The more we become clear on our own perceptions and understand that reality is a constantly changing notion of our surroundings in conjunction with our pre determined reactions and conditioning, the more we understand that we have both the capacity and the responsibility to alter that reality to be more congruent with our changing needs. 

Happy exploring  As always, with Starlight Love Sally xxx

The gifts of Lunar Eclipse and Solstice energies.

We are about to enter the Lunar eclipse corridor as we head for Summer Solstice. There is some incredibly potent energy around this year. You may well already be aware of the spikes in the Schuman Resonance that have been pretty intense the last month or so.

This week we are beginning to feel the full moon energy rising along with incoming energy of the solar flares – which although intense is actually quite balanced. Riding along we will encounter the lunar eclipse and head full speed into the Solstice and to my knowledge Mars and Neptune go retrograde and Venus begins another 8 year cycle having completed the last one started in 2012.

Not forgetting that the Sun, the Moon and Venus have physical effects on the ley lines of the earth and here we have a potent mix of all 3 and then some!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            What does that mean for you?

This incoming energy seems to be geared up to shake you up and encourage you to stand on your own two feet  proclaiming your sovereignty in what ever way is empowering for you as an individual. It’s a time to fully embrace who you are and to get on track with what you came here to do, and to fully embody your soul purpose.


I don’t profess to know much about the ins and outs of astrology but I DO know how to interpret the energy in how it affects those of us who are sensitive and aware of our own energetic processing.

We are at a threshold where we are being given access to this potent stream of energy, which if we allow it to can gift us with a real energetic boost on our path to

Will I  and be affected and what can I do to assist the process?

It doesn’t matter whether your spiritually aware or not the energies are affecting us all on some level. Obviously some people will be more sensitive to it than others. You just need to see how the full moon affects us all differently and you will get a snap shot of how that feels for you.

When you are more self aware you can understand that we experience  emotional ups and downs that are often attributed to these energies. Everyone benefits in the long run but it may not feel like it at the time.

We are being bombarded with increasingly higher Vibrational energies and our physical bodies need to be prepared and to “learn” how to contain these upgrades.

This is where the energy of Gold comes in to support us and to help us transmute this energy in a way that works for us rather than flooding our system leading to overwhelm and burn out which is neither comfortable nor helpful.

Gold facilitates the process of guiding the energy through the energetic  system in a way that encourages growth and insight rather than shut down.


Sounds a bit “out there”?

Yea I get that but it’s not really as woo woo as it sounds. We know that our body holds metals and minerals like Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium etc and they are essential for the smooth running of the physical body BUT did you know that an average 70kg adult holds approximately 0.25 grams of Gold within their system.

There are many healing properties of Gold and much of its potential is misunderstood. There are so many different ways of attuning to the energy of Gold and  I have been privileged to work on this increasingly more intensely over the last ten or so years.  Embracing this energy allows you to  smoothly transmute and assimilate these energies in an  effective and simple way.

I like to call it  “Gentle Grounding for Star seeds” as it helps us to be fully present in the moment without loosing our connection to the higher realms that we can often feel cut off from when we aren’t immersed in a meditative state.(daydreaming or losing track of whats going on around us is a sure fire indicator that you have been in those higher realms!) It was a revelation for me being able to access both realms without feeling disconnected on any level. How would that feel for you?

I will be facilitating the next  Fragments of Gold – 5 day journey beginning on 18th of June through to 22nd of June which will gift increased awareness and assimilation of these potent energies  and give guidance and support throughout  Solstice.

If you would like to find out how Gold Can support you here is a link to some more in depth information.



It really is a transformative process  –  you can check out their comments here

Being embodied is the key to mastering vibrational shifts.

Being embodied is the key to mastering vibrational shifts.

What a ride 2020 has been so far and we are barely into March!

There is a different feel to this year and many people are finding this a bit disconcerting. There feels to be no real reference point. We are being carried along without fully being able to grasp just what is true and reality isn’t always easy to define.

Just when we think we have it sussed – there is a rush of energy and as quick as we stopped we are back in the thick of the flow.

Thoughts that can’t quite be followed, ideas that feel great but that we struggle to understand or find the words in everyday language, there is a sense of having to feel into everything and to allow those feelings to be our guides.

We know that we know but we don’t know what we have learned and now know – sounds confusing?  – It is! – and this is partly why so many are struggling with the shifts we are going through.

Reference points?

We keep looking for reference points in our external world, something to help us to ground and attach to. However the only real reference point we have is our physical body. As we are buffeted by waves, sometimes they feel “to intense” “too rough” “too damned painful

Yet still we look for the side of the pool, something to anchor us to stop us from being sucked into what seems a whirlpool of uncertainty and upheaval.

When we continue to seek the safety of the familiar we are literally pulling ourselves into the false security that is the eye of the storm. It isn’t a coincidence that we have been swamped by so many physical storms!


What if we let go, surrender to the flow? Allow ourselves to be opened by the surges of energy that are pulsing through us.  Allow us to flow from the familiar out to through the turmoil into a new perspective of ourselves.

Move into space where we actively ground our experiences through the perspective of our own physicality. No matter how much we try to ignore it we are souls having a physical experience.

We all have a soul purpose and a huge part of this in this lifetime is embodying and tethering higher Vibrational energies. To do this we really have to be in our bodies.

A new reality

Its all well and good surfing the higher realms and blissing out on this energy, via meditation or spiritual practice, which is actually a bit like entering the calm serene eye of the storm. Taking time out to connect is great but when we are now being called to expand our own energy enough to actually bring that bliss into being here on earth.

To embody the energy and let it filter into waking life, filtering through us and allowing others to access the frequencies via our work.

When we learn to swim we fully trust in the ability of our body to keep us afloat. From the craziness of being buffeted around, feeling panicked and unsure it becomes a water park ride that is exhilarating and fun as we trust in the process and allow ourselves to be fully present.

It may not seem like it just now but at some point in the not too distant future we will look back and wonder why it took us so long to release our tight grip and to put our faith fully in ourselves.

Can you feel this too?

Can you feel this rising within you? Do you feel the flow yet cling to the need to categorise the experience in your head?

Let go of the sides, put your water wings on if you need to – but let’s allow ourselves to go with the flow and leave our self created storms where they belong – firmly behind us.

Allow yourself to be cleansed by the freshness of the water and the ease of the flow as you connect with the temple that is your physical body – a place where you are always welcome.

Mind, body, and spirit in balance and in tune with rather than fighting against the frequencies of the universe.


With Starlight love,

Sally xxx