What does that even mean?

I’ve been pondering on this one even more so recently – the world is full of buzz words right now and it’s so hard not to use them- and we sort of get the  vibe of them but often it’s not as clear or obvious what it’s really about.

One phrase that gets banded about quite a lot and I use a lot is “raising your vibration” and to be honest I am really not best friends with it – and I can feel your why question drifting into my energy field !!! 

Well one reason is that using the word “raising” in its self suggests being higher – better – more which in turn suggests that we are not “enough” as we are and that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I also hear so many people use it in connection with feeling better – i.e. when things aren’t going right or your feeling out of sorts, then “raise that vibration” and everything will change – which again suggests that we are not holding a positive enough vibe. Quite frankly to hit someone who’s feeling pretty crappy with a glib phrase that infers if they plant a big smile on their face and think happy high vibe thoughts all will be well, is not an ideal way to go. In fact it can have the completely opposite effect. 

So what is this vibration and raising it all about?

Have you ever stopped to think about it? 

Well your vibration is your energetic frequency- we all have our own frequencies and those frequencies in turn have their own range. We resonate with others who are also in a similar frequency – think of being a radio tuner and when someone is out with our bandwidth it’s like listening to a lot of white noise and static and our energies just don’t feel compatible.

Everything in our world is energy and we are constantly interacting with and reacting to these energies. 

If you look on your body as being a container for those energies – and everything you do has an effect on that body and therefore alters the frequency. The food you eat, the environment you’re in , lifestyle, thought patterns, external factors such as jobs and people who are part of our lives whether full time or intermittently.

Absolutely everything holds relevance to our energetic frequency. 

We are a bit like a battery really, (a rechargeable one thankfully!) and I’m sure you’re very familiar with being around people or attending events that completely drain your energy and that you’re intimate with how that feels!  At these times we literally need to take quiet time to rest and recharge until our energy is restored enough to able us to function again. 

I’m sure your equally familiar with those “high vibe” people and events that when your involved with them your literally buzzing with energy and feel on top of the world – and you will also then be familiar with the slump we feel once we are no longer plugged into that energy and we drop down into our own energy again. 

That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with our unique vibration , it doesn’t even mean that the other person vibrates at a “higher” or “better” frequency than ours and it’s actually probably more of a sharing of energies that are compatible that have created that synergistic “high vibe” and it’s not something sustainable for us individually – which then opens up the topic of the collective consciousness and vibration but that is definitely going down the rabbit hole and not quite where I’m aiming for today! 

So our energies like that of a battery can be drained or charged and if  we always remain as we are then there is no huge problem. 

There does come a time when things change when there are more “things” for the battery to run if you like, and it/we get drained very quickly- so the energies that we are holding expand but our own personal battery/ energy container /body just can’t sustain them. 

So what are these “extra’s”?

Well we only have to look at our world to see the different manmade frequencies that our bodies have to work within compared to say 50 years ago, there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet, High, low and medium frequency radio waves – and that is probably just skimming the surface.

Then due to the earths placement at this time we are in a huge space of energetic turbulence. Think of Solar flares and coronal mass ejections, the shift in the Schumaann resonance and that is only covering a tiny fragment of the energies that are constantly bombarding us on a constant basis.

This is when we require an energy recalibration and need to upgrade our physical bodies in order to hold this new vibration – this new software if you like.  All these changes our bodies have to adapt and fine tune to so that we can utilise the ones that are beneficial for us and live more compatibly with the ones that are less so “helpful” The body is a remarkable piece of equipment and its adaptability is what has allowed for our continuing inhabitation of the Earth.

Anything that we CAN do to assist our bodies in adapting to these frequencies is of immense help. There are many ways to upgrade our bodies so that they can run these different and yes higher frequencies – remember higher or lower frequencies do not equate with “good” or “bad” BUT our physical bodies need to be able to roll with a greater frequency range than they have ever done and one of the most effective practices I have found for this is running the frequency of Gold in my system. I will be running the next Fragments of Gold journey soon but in the meantime if you would like to know a little bit more about Gold and how its energy can assist us in these times of massively expanded frequencies you can sign up for my eBook and acquaint yourself with Gold – here is where you can access this https://sallyarthursemotionalwellbeing.activehosted.com/f/25

I would love to hear how this sits with you and if it’s something you too have been pondering

As always

with Starlight Love

Sally xxx