We are in interesting times, there is a deep remembering going on. The solar and stellar energies we are currently bathing in are potent to say the least. We are able to access these amazing energies with a heightened awareness.
I personally am being pulled back to working with star codes and their messages that speak deeply to the corresponding codes that we have in our own genetic blue print.As they speak to me I can feel the pathways within me lighting up and a sense of feeling stronger in myself. A deep knowing that is consciously unknown yet deeply understood at a cellular level.
Surrendering to this process and watching the synchronistic events unfold has been swift and enlightening.
It is time to be truly ourselves with no other reason for that being… not to make us more this or that, or to find us a better job, love, happiness or whatever other external thing that we may have been chasing. A real need to be in our own bodies and impeccably aware of the reality of that. Acknowledging the vastness of our connection to our external world and beyond.
Feel into things and understand from a place of vulnerable curiosity. Be open to the possibilities that are being laid before us. Feel the energy dance with your own and see its reflection in your soul.
The divine feminine – the blue rose – a long hidden lineage is awakening – can You feel it?
Can you feel it in the whispers of the breeze? Can you sense it in the perfection of every drop of water? Do you recognise it by the colours that are painting our realities in the skies, in the vibrant hue of the flowers and in the simplistic complexity of everything that we choose to see? Can you hear it in the call of the bird or the rush of the flowing river? Can you see it in the blink of an eye ~ dancing light~ that catches your vision momentarily?
I am un – becoming me … unravelling the threads that have woven unnecessary coats and their subsequent roles for me. In this deconstruction I feel bliss and know that the metamorphosis that we are all going through is something that we need but don’t consciously understand. Trusting in the process and following our inner guidance allows us to flow gracefully into the realms of new understanding – leading the way and simplifying it for others who follow in our wake.
Let yourself be guided by your feelings and don’t look back – Sensitivity is our strength, embrace it and allow your inner most being, the one who has laid hidden and unheard, to emerge into the light of day. Embrace yourself in the fullest form as we declare our existence, like the first spring flowers proud and unencumbered by aeons of judgement and silence.

It Is Time ~~~