Reality and Perception

Reality and Perception

We are deeply on course with our energetic and physical “upgrading” and we are learning new ways to support and care for ourselves. A big part of this is learning to challenge our triggers and discern why we are being triggered in the way that we are. Does it push an old pattern button that causes a less favourable knee jerk reaction?

How can we approach things from a place of love and as much neutrality as we can?

Remember everyone has a valid point of view. It’s a bit like arguing with someone from the Southern Hemisphere that it is summer right now when they are absolutely adamant that it is winter. Both of us are right and without being armed with information of the difference in hemispheres a resolution or common ground would never be found.

( Did you presume that the image at the top of the page was of snow? Its actually the salt flats at Pamukkale in Turkey!)

Everyone has a different reality. That reality is shaped by genetics, ancestral patterning, parental views and peer influence amongst other things. If I have never encountered the same landscapes whether physical, emotional or spiritual I will never fully understand your form of reality. In the same way you could never fully understand mine. We may have touching points that link and unify us in some way but we won’t be exactly the same, and that is perfectly ok.

It’s by speaking about our realities that we begin to open to the notion that there is a bigger picture and that our version is part of that jigsaw. Similarly to a jigsaw if we are trying to fit into a part of the puzzle that is totally misaligned and we don’t fit into then we will encounter much more resistance from those around us.

That’s not to say we can’t alter our own edges by being open to new thoughts and being open to possibilities that our views are not the only ones. As we expand our own realities we can become more compassionate when others show up with different views. 

It doesn’t mean we gullibly accept poor treatment from others in respect of our different realities, in fact it means we may well need to step up our boundaries and point out that much as we see things differently that X, Y or Z is just not how we choose to be treated. 

The more we become clear on our own perceptions and understand that reality is a constantly changing notion of our surroundings in conjunction with our pre determined reactions and conditioning, the more we understand that we have both the capacity and the responsibility to alter that reality to be more congruent with our changing needs. 

Happy exploring  As always, with Starlight Love Sally xxx

The gifts of Lunar Eclipse and Solstice energies.

We are about to enter the Lunar eclipse corridor as we head for Summer Solstice. There is some incredibly potent energy around this year. You may well already be aware of the spikes in the Schuman Resonance that have been pretty intense the last month or so.

This week we are beginning to feel the full moon energy rising along with incoming energy of the solar flares – which although intense is actually quite balanced. Riding along we will encounter the lunar eclipse and head full speed into the Solstice and to my knowledge Mars and Neptune go retrograde and Venus begins another 8 year cycle having completed the last one started in 2012.

Not forgetting that the Sun, the Moon and Venus have physical effects on the ley lines of the earth and here we have a potent mix of all 3 and then some!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            What does that mean for you?

This incoming energy seems to be geared up to shake you up and encourage you to stand on your own two feet  proclaiming your sovereignty in what ever way is empowering for you as an individual. It’s a time to fully embrace who you are and to get on track with what you came here to do, and to fully embody your soul purpose.


I don’t profess to know much about the ins and outs of astrology but I DO know how to interpret the energy in how it affects those of us who are sensitive and aware of our own energetic processing.

We are at a threshold where we are being given access to this potent stream of energy, which if we allow it to can gift us with a real energetic boost on our path to

Will I  and be affected and what can I do to assist the process?

It doesn’t matter whether your spiritually aware or not the energies are affecting us all on some level. Obviously some people will be more sensitive to it than others. You just need to see how the full moon affects us all differently and you will get a snap shot of how that feels for you.

When you are more self aware you can understand that we experience  emotional ups and downs that are often attributed to these energies. Everyone benefits in the long run but it may not feel like it at the time.

We are being bombarded with increasingly higher Vibrational energies and our physical bodies need to be prepared and to “learn” how to contain these upgrades.

This is where the energy of Gold comes in to support us and to help us transmute this energy in a way that works for us rather than flooding our system leading to overwhelm and burn out which is neither comfortable nor helpful.

Gold facilitates the process of guiding the energy through the energetic  system in a way that encourages growth and insight rather than shut down.


Sounds a bit “out there”?

Yea I get that but it’s not really as woo woo as it sounds. We know that our body holds metals and minerals like Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium etc and they are essential for the smooth running of the physical body BUT did you know that an average 70kg adult holds approximately 0.25 grams of Gold within their system.

There are many healing properties of Gold and much of its potential is misunderstood. There are so many different ways of attuning to the energy of Gold and  I have been privileged to work on this increasingly more intensely over the last ten or so years.  Embracing this energy allows you to  smoothly transmute and assimilate these energies in an  effective and simple way.

I like to call it  “Gentle Grounding for Star seeds” as it helps us to be fully present in the moment without loosing our connection to the higher realms that we can often feel cut off from when we aren’t immersed in a meditative state.(daydreaming or losing track of whats going on around us is a sure fire indicator that you have been in those higher realms!) It was a revelation for me being able to access both realms without feeling disconnected on any level. How would that feel for you?

I will be facilitating the next  Fragments of Gold – 5 day journey beginning on 18th of June through to 22nd of June which will gift increased awareness and assimilation of these potent energies  and give guidance and support throughout  Solstice.

If you would like to find out how Gold Can support you here is a link to some more in depth information.



It really is a transformative process  –  you can check out their comments here

Being embodied is the key to mastering vibrational shifts.

Being embodied is the key to mastering vibrational shifts.

What a ride 2020 has been so far and we are barely into March!

There is a different feel to this year and many people are finding this a bit disconcerting. There feels to be no real reference point. We are being carried along without fully being able to grasp just what is true and reality isn’t always easy to define.

Just when we think we have it sussed – there is a rush of energy and as quick as we stopped we are back in the thick of the flow.

Thoughts that can’t quite be followed, ideas that feel great but that we struggle to understand or find the words in everyday language, there is a sense of having to feel into everything and to allow those feelings to be our guides.

We know that we know but we don’t know what we have learned and now know – sounds confusing?  – It is! – and this is partly why so many are struggling with the shifts we are going through.

Reference points?

We keep looking for reference points in our external world, something to help us to ground and attach to. However the only real reference point we have is our physical body. As we are buffeted by waves, sometimes they feel “to intense” “too rough” “too damned painful

Yet still we look for the side of the pool, something to anchor us to stop us from being sucked into what seems a whirlpool of uncertainty and upheaval.

When we continue to seek the safety of the familiar we are literally pulling ourselves into the false security that is the eye of the storm. It isn’t a coincidence that we have been swamped by so many physical storms!


What if we let go, surrender to the flow? Allow ourselves to be opened by the surges of energy that are pulsing through us.  Allow us to flow from the familiar out to through the turmoil into a new perspective of ourselves.

Move into space where we actively ground our experiences through the perspective of our own physicality. No matter how much we try to ignore it we are souls having a physical experience.

We all have a soul purpose and a huge part of this in this lifetime is embodying and tethering higher Vibrational energies. To do this we really have to be in our bodies.

A new reality

Its all well and good surfing the higher realms and blissing out on this energy, via meditation or spiritual practice, which is actually a bit like entering the calm serene eye of the storm. Taking time out to connect is great but when we are now being called to expand our own energy enough to actually bring that bliss into being here on earth.

To embody the energy and let it filter into waking life, filtering through us and allowing others to access the frequencies via our work.

When we learn to swim we fully trust in the ability of our body to keep us afloat. From the craziness of being buffeted around, feeling panicked and unsure it becomes a water park ride that is exhilarating and fun as we trust in the process and allow ourselves to be fully present.

It may not seem like it just now but at some point in the not too distant future we will look back and wonder why it took us so long to release our tight grip and to put our faith fully in ourselves.

Can you feel this too?

Can you feel this rising within you? Do you feel the flow yet cling to the need to categorise the experience in your head?

Let go of the sides, put your water wings on if you need to – but let’s allow ourselves to go with the flow and leave our self created storms where they belong – firmly behind us.

Allow yourself to be cleansed by the freshness of the water and the ease of the flow as you connect with the temple that is your physical body – a place where you are always welcome.

Mind, body, and spirit in balance and in tune with rather than fighting against the frequencies of the universe.


With Starlight love,

Sally xxx

Engage in the Dance

Engage in the Dance

Engaging with the Dance seems apt advice for the energies we are experiencing right now. We know that its important to keep moving forward. Sometimes that may mean one small baby step at a time, even if it feels like wading through treacle.  However, it’s all too easy to fall into feelings of despair if forward momentum isn’t quite going to plan. We panic and fret if we feel we are going sideways or even worse backward!

What IF this is all part of the dance of life?

How would it feel if you shifted your perception and really did begin to engage with the dance?

You can woodenly step forward or step to the side. You can resist the step back but what if you really put your heart and soul into it? What if this is the key to engaging fully in life? To feel it as passionately in the lows that we do in the highs.

What if you leaned into every step, felt the energy of each precise movement, even when you feel you are being swept off your feet.  Could you lean boldly into abandoning yourself to the rhythm of the dance knowing you can put your own uniqueness into it?

That “je ne sais quoi ” that oozes from every cell that brings “our” dance alive. We can inject passion into it not only in the wildly abandoned forward steps or the crazy relentless rhythms that bring euphoria but into the deep swings and dips that leave us feeling breathless with emotion. What if we leaned into the sadness and really felt it , swooning beautifully into it completely held by the universe?

Would this change you?

Sometimes you will be the choreographer and will lead the dance in your own unique way. At other times we will be asked to trust the universe and to let it hold us as we explore our depths, learning and growing from the beauty and pearls of wisdom kept therein.

Wouldnt that change you? Would you then be able to participate fully knowing that you are free to be creative in your movements rather than shuffling along in a restricted and repetitive version of someone else’s dance?

How would it feel to embrace your life as readily as a dancer embraces a stage performance?

Remember that the detours, the lows, the frustrations, and the sorrows are merely steps in the wildly changing and unique rhythm of the dance of your life.  You get the option to engage fully or participate half-heartedly the choice is entirely yours.

Shall we dance?

What wakes YOU in the middle of the night?

What wakes YOU in the middle of the night?

I was asked a strange but enlightening question recently  

“What wakes you up in the middle of the night?”

I began questioning myself and was crazily looking for some issue or long forgotten worry that was keeping me from sleep. The truth is I couldn’t find one!

What wakes me in the middle of the night is usually inspiration, information and answers to the questions I have during the day!

I often wake with the most detailed and intense information but never quite get round to doing much with it. The procrastination sets in! You know the type of thing those revolving negative questions like:

What if I am wrong?

What if I am not good enough?

Should I not wait until I have X, Y or Z in place before I start working with this information?

What if no one wants to hear this?

Who am I to share this kind of information with others?

What happens if I don’t act on this information?

When  I allow those negative possibilities head space I question things too much. It then  throws me completely off track. Often what then happens is the information that I had but wouldn’t share is then mirrored to me as others share it and take it to the next level.

Can you relate to this? It is a horrible situation it leaves you feeling deflated and frustrated, mostly at yourself. Self criticism really does push us down into that space where it seems pointless to do anything.

What is it that really keeps me wakened?

Its that frustration at myself for now grasping every opportunity that I am offered!

Its not personal!

What I have come to understand about this process is that it really is nothing personal.
There is information being made available, we pick up on what is relevant to us, but if we don’t take steps to work with it and go with the flow it dissipates in the light of day. If we don’t take action on what we receive, then  someone else who tunes into this information will. It really is that simple.

Learning to trust yourself

Finding a way to trust that intuitive voice and to allow all this lovely information to flow is a must. This is a key aspect in moving forward. expanding your soul  star connection can not only gift you this confidence but increase the information downloads and also encourages synchronicities that lead us to where we need to be.

It doesn’t matter whether its relating to  your personal journey, your spiritual growth or your work because the process is exactly the same.

How to move forward?

One  essence I can recommend to help with this process is “Sirius – Expansive Communication”. Or you could gift yourself a Soul Star Integration session!

If you would like to kick procrastination like this into touch or want  to know more, contact me for further information or book a chat to discuss your needs here