I was asked a strange but enlightening question recently  

“What wakes you up in the middle of the night?”

I began questioning myself and was crazily looking for some issue or long forgotten worry that was keeping me from sleep. The truth is I couldn’t find one!

What wakes me in the middle of the night is usually inspiration, information and answers to the questions I have during the day!

I often wake with the most detailed and intense information but never quite get round to doing much with it. The procrastination sets in! You know the type of thing those revolving negative questions like:

What if I am wrong?

What if I am not good enough?

Should I not wait until I have X, Y or Z in place before I start working with this information?

What if no one wants to hear this?

Who am I to share this kind of information with others?

What happens if I don’t act on this information?

When  I allow those negative possibilities head space I question things too much. It then  throws me completely off track. Often what then happens is the information that I had but wouldn’t share is then mirrored to me as others share it and take it to the next level.

Can you relate to this? It is a horrible situation it leaves you feeling deflated and frustrated, mostly at yourself. Self criticism really does push us down into that space where it seems pointless to do anything.

What is it that really keeps me wakened?

Its that frustration at myself for now grasping every opportunity that I am offered!

Its not personal!

What I have come to understand about this process is that it really is nothing personal.
There is information being made available, we pick up on what is relevant to us, but if we don’t take steps to work with it and go with the flow it dissipates in the light of day. If we don’t take action on what we receive, then  someone else who tunes into this information will. It really is that simple.

Learning to trust yourself

Finding a way to trust that intuitive voice and to allow all this lovely information to flow is a must. This is a key aspect in moving forward. expanding your soul  star connection can not only gift you this confidence but increase the information downloads and also encourages synchronicities that lead us to where we need to be.

It doesn’t matter whether its relating to  your personal journey, your spiritual growth or your work because the process is exactly the same.

How to move forward?

One  essence I can recommend to help with this process is “Sirius – Expansive Communication”. Or you could gift yourself a Soul Star Integration session!

If you would like to kick procrastination like this into touch or want  to know more, contact me for further information or book a chat to discuss your needs here https://sallyarthurs.youcanbook.me