We are about to enter the Lunar eclipse corridor as we head for Summer Solstice. There is some incredibly potent energy around this year. You may well already be aware of the spikes in the Schuman Resonance that have been pretty intense the last month or so.

This week we are beginning to feel the full moon energy rising along with incoming energy of the solar flares – which although intense is actually quite balanced. Riding along we will encounter the lunar eclipse and head full speed into the Solstice and to my knowledge Mars and Neptune go retrograde and Venus begins another 8 year cycle having completed the last one started in 2012.

Not forgetting that the Sun, the Moon and Venus have physical effects on the ley lines of the earth and here we have a potent mix of all 3 and then some!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            What does that mean for you?

This incoming energy seems to be geared up to shake you up and encourage you to stand on your own two feet  proclaiming your sovereignty in what ever way is empowering for you as an individual. It’s a time to fully embrace who you are and to get on track with what you came here to do, and to fully embody your soul purpose.


I don’t profess to know much about the ins and outs of astrology but I DO know how to interpret the energy in how it affects those of us who are sensitive and aware of our own energetic processing.

We are at a threshold where we are being given access to this potent stream of energy, which if we allow it to can gift us with a real energetic boost on our path to

Will I  and be affected and what can I do to assist the process?

It doesn’t matter whether your spiritually aware or not the energies are affecting us all on some level. Obviously some people will be more sensitive to it than others. You just need to see how the full moon affects us all differently and you will get a snap shot of how that feels for you.

When you are more self aware you can understand that we experience  emotional ups and downs that are often attributed to these energies. Everyone benefits in the long run but it may not feel like it at the time.

We are being bombarded with increasingly higher Vibrational energies and our physical bodies need to be prepared and to “learn” how to contain these upgrades.

This is where the energy of Gold comes in to support us and to help us transmute this energy in a way that works for us rather than flooding our system leading to overwhelm and burn out which is neither comfortable nor helpful.

Gold facilitates the process of guiding the energy through the energetic  system in a way that encourages growth and insight rather than shut down.


Sounds a bit “out there”?

Yea I get that but it’s not really as woo woo as it sounds. We know that our body holds metals and minerals like Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium etc and they are essential for the smooth running of the physical body BUT did you know that an average 70kg adult holds approximately 0.25 grams of Gold within their system.

There are many healing properties of Gold and much of its potential is misunderstood. There are so many different ways of attuning to the energy of Gold and  I have been privileged to work on this increasingly more intensely over the last ten or so years.  Embracing this energy allows you to  smoothly transmute and assimilate these energies in an  effective and simple way.

I like to call it  “Gentle Grounding for Star seeds” as it helps us to be fully present in the moment without loosing our connection to the higher realms that we can often feel cut off from when we aren’t immersed in a meditative state.(daydreaming or losing track of whats going on around us is a sure fire indicator that you have been in those higher realms!) It was a revelation for me being able to access both realms without feeling disconnected on any level. How would that feel for you?

I will be facilitating the next  Fragments of Gold – 5 day journey beginning on 18th of June through to 22nd of June which will gift increased awareness and assimilation of these potent energies  and give guidance and support throughout  Solstice.

If you would like to find out how Gold Can support you here is a link to some more in depth information.




It really is a transformative process  –  you can check out their comments here