Engaging with the Dance seems apt advice for the energies we are experiencing right now. We know that its important to keep moving forward. Sometimes that may mean one small baby step at a time, even if it feels like wading through treacle.  However, it’s all too easy to fall into feelings of despair if forward momentum isn’t quite going to plan. We panic and fret if we feel we are going sideways or even worse backward!

What IF this is all part of the dance of life?

How would it feel if you shifted your perception and really did begin to engage with the dance?

You can woodenly step forward or step to the side. You can resist the step back but what if you really put your heart and soul into it? What if this is the key to engaging fully in life? To feel it as passionately in the lows that we do in the highs.

What if you leaned into every step, felt the energy of each precise movement, even when you feel you are being swept off your feet.  Could you lean boldly into abandoning yourself to the rhythm of the dance knowing you can put your own uniqueness into it?

That “je ne sais quoi ” that oozes from every cell that brings “our” dance alive. We can inject passion into it not only in the wildly abandoned forward steps or the crazy relentless rhythms that bring euphoria but into the deep swings and dips that leave us feeling breathless with emotion. What if we leaned into the sadness and really felt it , swooning beautifully into it completely held by the universe?

Would this change you?

Sometimes you will be the choreographer and will lead the dance in your own unique way. At other times we will be asked to trust the universe and to let it hold us as we explore our depths, learning and growing from the beauty and pearls of wisdom kept therein.

Wouldnt that change you? Would you then be able to participate fully knowing that you are free to be creative in your movements rather than shuffling along in a restricted and repetitive version of someone else’s dance?

How would it feel to embrace your life as readily as a dancer embraces a stage performance?

Remember that the detours, the lows, the frustrations, and the sorrows are merely steps in the wildly changing and unique rhythm of the dance of your life.  You get the option to engage fully or participate half-heartedly the choice is entirely yours.

Shall we dance?