What a ride 2020 has been so far and we are barely into March!

There is a different feel to this year and many people are finding this a bit disconcerting. There feels to be no real reference point. We are being carried along without fully being able to grasp just what is true and reality isn’t always easy to define.

Just when we think we have it sussed – there is a rush of energy and as quick as we stopped we are back in the thick of the flow.

Thoughts that can’t quite be followed, ideas that feel great but that we struggle to understand or find the words in everyday language, there is a sense of having to feel into everything and to allow those feelings to be our guides.

We know that we know but we don’t know what we have learned and now know – sounds confusing?  – It is! – and this is partly why so many are struggling with the shifts we are going through.

Reference points?

We keep looking for reference points in our external world, something to help us to ground and attach to. However the only real reference point we have is our physical body. As we are buffeted by waves, sometimes they feel “to intense” “too rough” “too damned painful

Yet still we look for the side of the pool, something to anchor us to stop us from being sucked into what seems a whirlpool of uncertainty and upheaval.

When we continue to seek the safety of the familiar we are literally pulling ourselves into the false security that is the eye of the storm. It isn’t a coincidence that we have been swamped by so many physical storms!


What if we let go, surrender to the flow? Allow ourselves to be opened by the surges of energy that are pulsing through us.  Allow us to flow from the familiar out to through the turmoil into a new perspective of ourselves.

Move into space where we actively ground our experiences through the perspective of our own physicality. No matter how much we try to ignore it we are souls having a physical experience.

We all have a soul purpose and a huge part of this in this lifetime is embodying and tethering higher Vibrational energies. To do this we really have to be in our bodies.

A new reality

Its all well and good surfing the higher realms and blissing out on this energy, via meditation or spiritual practice, which is actually a bit like entering the calm serene eye of the storm. Taking time out to connect is great but when we are now being called to expand our own energy enough to actually bring that bliss into being here on earth.

To embody the energy and let it filter into waking life, filtering through us and allowing others to access the frequencies via our work.

When we learn to swim we fully trust in the ability of our body to keep us afloat. From the craziness of being buffeted around, feeling panicked and unsure it becomes a water park ride that is exhilarating and fun as we trust in the process and allow ourselves to be fully present.

It may not seem like it just now but at some point in the not too distant future we will look back and wonder why it took us so long to release our tight grip and to put our faith fully in ourselves.

Can you feel this too?

Can you feel this rising within you? Do you feel the flow yet cling to the need to categorise the experience in your head?

Let go of the sides, put your water wings on if you need to – but let’s allow ourselves to go with the flow and leave our self created storms where they belong – firmly behind us.

Allow yourself to be cleansed by the freshness of the water and the ease of the flow as you connect with the temple that is your physical body – a place where you are always welcome.

Mind, body, and spirit in balance and in tune with rather than fighting against the frequencies of the universe.


With Starlight love,

Sally xxx