There is something in the air … can you feel it?

Like a cog has turned and something “different” has fallen into place.

I have been drawn to a statue I have here of Anubis – saved from a time when my world was filled with Egyptian symbology. His energy is strong and I am sharing what is coming to light for me.

He brings the strength of the divine masculine, he invites us to live from our heart – and to stay true to what we hold in those inner chambers of




and Understanding

Anubis is said to judge the weight of hearts in the underworld – weighing them against a feather-yet he cannot do anything other than to see us from our own eyes, from our own place of wounded judgement.

He invites us now to remove heaviness of heart and to live from our own highest vibrations – not to let others pull us into their storms but to meet them where they are anchored in our own space – strong in our own truth and holding firm to our own knowing and to hold firm in being the highest version of ourselves.

Do not fall into judgement either of yourself or others. Know that you transcend judgement – discernment however is a trusty friend.

Feel the weights calibrate and know that when you feel “off” that you have moved further from your own core and frequency and allow recalibration to take place.

We are asked at this time to lean in fully to the divine masculine and to allow and infact openly invite in that support.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we ask for external support – although that is absolutely fine – but it could simply mean stepping into our own divine masculine. 

As women we have mastered calling in our divine feminine and stepping away from the wounded aspect of ourselves however when we deploy the counterbalance masculine that we need – we often go into defence action wounded masculine space and then feel that things around us begin to crumble.

Many men have mastered their divine masculine but need to employ the evolved feminine aspect rather than the wounded.

As humans we need to interact with both these aspects in their highest vibrational form and to show the opposite aspect exactly how we need things to be,  and if that means calling out the dance steps one by one until we master it then lets do that ….

Always remembering to come back to that fluidity at our core that place of our unique inner feminine and masculine mix

Anubis holds space for us to do this – to be in our heart and the more we can love all aspects of ourselves the more we can love the aspects of what ever is mirrored back to us from the external world.

It feels we are at a gateway and only being in this pure and balanced – unjudgmental – and compassionate place can we find – and remain in the sanctuary of our inner peace.

An acceptance of our divine gold print which is slowly coming on line and will enable us to more fully live from that  higher heart vibration that removes all weight from our hearts and brings a new vibrational reality with many new choices that have not been available to us in this time line until now.

Important times my friends as you learn the steps of this ancient yet new ritualistic dance with lightness of heart – NO MATTER what plays on externally to you or what your perceptions at any given time may be. As they say ” Love is the answer – no matter the question”

With Starlight love

Sally xxx