Solstice Blessings – As Summer Solstice glides in we are immersed in a tremendous amount of solar light. As humans we require this sunlight to thrive – the sun is our greatest source of making vitamin d – and we need that to keep our immune systems topped up and in good working order.

I have a strange relationship with this life giving star – I love the warmth it brings – I love what it gifts us but I struggle from lack of dark skies that help me to access the energy of the stars that feed me at soul level. However this year I am having an incredibly dance with the sun – and I am consciously inviting that energy deep within my being – allowing it to infuse every cell in my body – anchoring it for future use like a solar powered battery.

It feels incredibly important to do this – it feels like the incoming waves of solar energy are gifting us the shift in our internal polarity that we so desperately need to allow our energetic upgrade to be aligned with the planetary upgrade ( you only have to observe the Schuman resonance charts to see how that is playing out)

As our crystalline structures are immersed in solar power – we shift though limitations and expand into the next layer of crystalline based –

we already hold the crystalline structure

We are shifting polarity from carbon based to crystalline which isn’t as far fetched as you think!

Carbon – think calcium carbonate – – teeth bones etc

Crystalline – think silicone dioxide ( quartz) which we already hold in sinews- hair- eyelashes etc

Allow the solar infusions to upgrade your personal energy and activate that inner gold that allows you to shift your personal polarities to match that Of the planetary polar shifts. It may feel a bit icky at times but remember it is magnetic energy so it can really pull us around – going with the flow is key to lessening the feelings of distortion ☀️

I encourage you to be open to this upgraded light especially over the next few days – and to take time to sit with this energy – particularly allowing it to settle into the creational void of the reproductive sacral chakra – allowing this light to illuminate all that you want to create – the beauty of life is we DO get to create the experiences we want – though we have to be open that they are not always quite as we had thought – wisdom and willingness to co create.

Exciting times beautiful people

Wishing you solstice blessings may your grail cup be filled with the solar nourishment you need for the coming months. With starlight love, Sally xxx