Holding on too tightly to our gifts and not allowing others to take or receive from us is detrimental to our well-being. Like the tree overly heavy with fruit we become burdened by so much weight. When we sit back and don’t actively share with others, what we offer in a way becomes tainted. It becomes tainted by our perceptions of who or what should be our recipient. Who are we to judge who will benefit in some way from our offerings. Who are we to allow others to take what they need at our expense. We need to be clear on what we will or wont offer. Keep firm boundaries on that but also actively need to share in order to grow and keep our own energy clear and unburdened. Like wise knowledge must be shared before it is lost in the ether’s forever.  However knowledge is an ever evolving thing and holding on too tightly to what we think we know is as harmful as being influenced by what doesn’t serve us. Knowing is relevant in the moment but it evolves as we evolve and it is in a way the stepping stone to new and bigger ideas and projects. If we don’t act on what we know how can we expect to move forward? Our knowledge is our personal perception and inner guidance and in sharing it we may trigger something in others that allow a glimmer of light that becomes a catalyst in their learning process. Like wise when we read the knowledge of others it can kindle in us an inner knowing that propels us to find out more and increases the validation of our own remembering. We are linked to every aspect of knowing in the universe and it constantly streams through us, becoming aware of the “channels” that speak to us helps us make sense of our present moments and lessons. A bit like our PC systems when we have saturated a level we need to upgrade and are therefore able to link to new programs and channels. Our own energetic system upgrade is dependent on our willingness to put in the work and in our acceptance of what we learn, integrating it into our being and going with the expansive flow. What if someone is desperately seeking the link that you have so carefully hidden from outside view ? What if in offering the puzzle pieces we have found to others – we ourselves are able to find more puzzle pieces that link us to bigger pictures than we can currently envisage? How can you share your gifts with the world – the answer is simple – share what you know and speak of your passions. One small step at a time. Look forward to sharing with you, Sally x