Learning the ins and outs of how our energy presents, its quirks and triggers and how it responds to the collective energies that buffer us constantly is one of the keys to mastering the self. We do not have to be a victim of energetic circumstance but a willing participator in the energetic dance.

If we begin to view ourselves as energetic beings then we can relate to the wider world of energy around us.



Everything is energy – without it physical matter decays and rots. Energy cannot be destroyed but it transforms and transmutes into other forms.

Probably the easiest example to use when viewing this is the energy of water – in various energetic states it moves from solid ice, to liquid, to highly energised liquid then to vapour. At anyone time in the world water is present in its various forms. The variables to how water presents depends on the energetic’s of the field it is most closely related to.

 Similarly on a spiritual level we don’t suddenly become something energetically when we are born but rather our previous energy form is catapulted into a physical body and we assume the energetic form of human.

 If you imagine a sheet, and that the sheet is literally a field of energy. Within this energy field there is constant movement to liken it to anything in the physical field it’s a bit like a sheet in the wind. When energy pools in certain areas it forms a crease or crinkle or pocket in the sheet. In an energetic field those creases represent what has taken physical form.

 Within this energetic field our energy is never static but constantly flowing in the waves that in effect we are. The energy around us is never static either and has a bearing on how our own energy is. We are after all part of this sheet that has built up a sort of “solidity” for want of a better word, within this specific energy. When the wind – or the energy out with the field of energy we are in causes a distortion (blows the sheet – both gently or wildly) then we feel it relatively within our physical bodies. We are part of the unified field of energy yet separate in our form of creation.

 Right now our sheet is being pulled and wafted in all sorts of directions. We have all the global stuff going on that affects us a la butterfly effect. Then there are potent energies blowing in from the stars and beyond.


Don’t forget the ripples that our constantly shifting energy creates and the ripples and beyond created by the earth and her vibrations too.

 We have a valuable opportunity to be present with our own energy whilst being immersed in the huge field of potent energy that surrounds us – we have to focus on being “strong” and “resilient” while remaining completely malleable and flexible.

Our true strength is often shown beautifully in the acceptance and understanding of our weaknesses.

 We also interestingly speak about our emotions being “frozen” and when they are in this state it takes a whole lot of energy to get the medium that allows these emotions to flow again and finally dissipate transformed into free flowing vapour. We shouldn’t hold on to energy in this rigid way as it leads to stagnation and weighing down. However we tend to deal partially with the problem and refreeze the leftovers to go through the thawing and evaporating process at another level when we are ready.


If you want to achieve a specific goal then match that vibration to enable the vibrational reality of that goal to be accessible and acceptable to your personal energy!

It is really all about the Energy!