There is so much talk about the new energies coming in and energetic shifts in general and for many it can be really disorientating.

These shift have been happening since time immemorial but there have been significant shifts in the energy around and within us very recently. Everyone is being affected to a greater or lesser degree. You can see it in how many people are feeling overwhelmed, confused, dissatisfied with certain aspects of both their personal life and the “ways of the world” in general. While others are feeling just plain out of sorts. Often the its the vagueness and the fact that they cant quite put their finger on the source of their unrest that can amplify the discomfort.

I know this week I have been swamped with feelings of strong vibrations running through my system and it can make me feel quite unbalanced and uncomfortable. In energetic terms our bodies are being upgraded – flooded with a different vibrational energy than are used to and it will feel uncomfortable until it has been integrated and digested.

With each shift we move slightly but there comes a tipping point when our bodies have to alter to be able to contain the energy level that we are now vibrating at. Due to these physical alterations (at a cellular level) – our reference point that helps us orientate on a physical level has shifted, and we struggle finding balance and stability.

It’s a bit like being at a party and your favourite song is on you dance away knowing the rhythm and the pattern of the song then suddenly a different unknown song comes on. You must dance to this new tune but it can feel clumsy to move to this rhythm at first.
With a little effort you begin to move in sync to the music, there will be times that the pattern of the song changes and as you’re not familiar with it you will be thrown off balance again. Once you have heard the song a few times you become comfortable and more in tune with its unique pattern and rhythm. The difference here is that the old song we once danced to no longer exists.

For some the energetic changes are happening relentlessly and they feel they are never quite getting to know the song / energy fully. However, there are some stages where that is the case. We don’t need to dwell and become intimate with every level that we shift through. The ones that we do linger on we have to become masters at being at one with this frequency.

Trying to override the energy/song with the old rhythm and pattern only serves to make us feel uncomfortable and completely out of balance with all that is around us. Learning to let go the safety and security of the old is what prolongs the rebalancing process. We must let go and surrender to the new rhythm /energetic pattern that our bodies are now holding  in order to bring us into that centred place of comfort, understanding and calm awareness.

We can’t understand the new if we keep our sight firmly focussed on the old. We can’t understand the French language by reading a reference book written in Spanish. We must immerse ourselves in understanding our new reference point and the renewed insights and opportunities it gives us.

We need to allow ourselves to be flexible in order to align ourselves fully with these changes. The shifts are inevitable, it is part of the natural progression of life, of the spiritual laws, of the universal consciousness.

Finding the tools to help with this assists us in the integration. My tools of choice are flower and vibrational essences, crystals and plenty rest to enable me process things as effortlessly as possible. I certainly have no notion to make anything harder or more prolonged than it needs to be!

I hope that you are learning to dance to your new tune with ease and grace. If however you feel the need of some assistance I will be offering some free one to one sessions at some point in the next month so look out for details popping into your inbox soon.

Much love

Sally xxx