Hebe White Wand

Hebe White Wand

Hebe White Wand:

For those who prefer to be in collaboration or part of a team but often feel overlooked and undervalued.


Hebe White Wand

This essence is particularly helpful when we have core wounding of being forgotten or unheard. When we feel insignificant of unable to make a difference this essence helps remind us that we do matter, we can make a difference and that even if our voice is heard only by one person that message can travel much more widely and effectively than we think. There is no need to sacrifice the true self for the sake of fitting in and when we are in true collaboration there is no competition.

Often those who are wounded react when hurt by unconsciously trying to create that same feeling of hurt in others, they want others simply to understand their hurt.  Those who don't feel heard retreat into silent mode - expecting others to hear via their silence that they are hurting. Hebe White wand offers us the gift of looking at how we treat others when we are hurting as a clue to where our own wounding requires nurturing. Restoring a balance of seeing and being seen - hearing and being heard - valuing and being valued.


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