I have been keeping a close eye on what has been going on energy wise – mainly because I have found the energies just a little bit tricky. I know a few people have been struggling with it so thought I would share and see if I can shed a little light on what is going on.

We are now in what is often referred to as Eclipse season and we kick started the process last week with a total solar eclipse which was sadly not visible from here in the UK.

I found that energy really pokey for want of a better word. For a few hours before the eclipse and for around 18 hours after I felt like I had been put onto fast forward. There was thoughts and energy coursing through my body that I couldn’t physically keep up with – it was exhausting!

Thankfully that settled but was soon replaced with lots of peaks and troughs of energy. I felt full of energy and motivated one minute and thrown into exhaustion and confusion the next. Thankfully I was totally aware of what was going on and was able to support myself. It feels at times – like I am melting and dissolving into a new upgraded version of me.

By the weekend all seemed calm but then yesterday things started to shift up a gear. It seems we are also having the energetic effects of both  Mercury and Chiron retrograde. Mercury retrogrades can often feel like anything that can go wrong does and that we just don’t get anywhere fast, especially when it comes down to communications. I don’t feel it like this at all this time and if anything am more driven than I have been for a few months now. Chiron is often referred to as the wounded healer and I feel this is influencing a huge part of what is going on energetically right now. We are being offered a platform to release wounds that we may even be unaware that we have been carrying.                                                                             ( Please note than I am not an astrologer and I don’t profess to fully understand anything of these planetary influences other than how I feel them personally)

The energy really has a “wake up and smell the coffee” vibe. It is not a time to sit and wait for things to happen but to get our sleeves rolled up and take full responsibility for our energetic housekeeping. Ditch what you don’t want including outdated patterns and self limiting views. Allow the synchronicities that arise when we do this to lift you to where you need to be. Don’t over analyse, don’t procrastinate – its time to dive in and flow with all this potent energy and see where it takes you.

It seems we are being offered an opportunity to really shift through a whole lot of “old” stuff but without really having to dig into it. A lot of people have been picking up on the weaving thread ( pardon the pun) and it is indeed a time to realign the thread that runs through our own lives and all our energetic experiences. There is a spiralling and cyclical feel to the process and as we twist and turn through this spiral we arrive at the point where we can choose what threads we connect and which we dismantle. We only have small windows of this though and therefore need to be nimble and not over think the process – feel into the energy and allow that to guide the re patterning process.

There is a feeling of timelines collapsing and that we either bring forward the energy from that time or don’t. There is no revisit promised and lessons are being compacted. Can you feel it? Do you feel the potential? Will you be brave and allow this ripple of energy to create a lasting change within and for you?

I encourage you to explore over the next few weeks and to be BOLD – be COURAGEOUS – be unapolagetically YOU.

YOU are the one you have been waiting for – and the TIME is NOW

I witness your metamorphosis through the eyes of my own change

With Starlight love

Sally xxx