Happy Solstice to you -So here we are already – the  longest day and shortest night of the year, where the heck has the first half of 2017 gone!

Solstice energy is a good time for reflection and celebrating how far you have come, and a great time to look towards the next phase of the year and where you want to be headed and planting the seeds to help propel you in your chosen direction.  Its refreshing to see so many people  celebrate the natural rythms of the earth. Summer Solstice  in Sweden its actually one of the biggest holidays of the year! (I know as we arrived in Stockholm on 21st June 2 years ago to find a ghost town and most places closed as it was the midsummer bank holiday and all the locals head out of town to their summer houses to celebrate Solstice !!!! )

It got me thinking and although lots of daylight hours and ( supposedly) warm weather should be a recipe for feeling good,  this isnt the case for everyone.  Much as I love the long balmy nights and the fact that I can sit outdoors at night (without turning a nice shade of cold induced blue!)  I get nostalgic for dark skies peppered with lots of stars. I love to spend some time just gazing at the sky and enjoying the beauty of a starry landscape and round about now that is near on impossible!

In Scotland at this time fo year  it’s not dark until around midnight and then starts lightening up again around 2am so if I want to have a star gazing “fix” I have to stay up really late and it’s not really truly dark so there aren’t too many visible stars. I therefore don’t know the summer skies very well and feel a little disconnected, not to mention I struggle to sleep unless it’s quite dark! (Thank goodness I dont live in Russia – they have the “White nights” season in May and June, due to their northerly lattitude the sun never fully sets! ) It is rather surreal to see.

I Wonder how your finding the Solstice energy personally, Are you loving the flooding of light  or do you crave some dark velvet skies?If its a good time for you hope your riding the waves and taking every opportunity that summer solstice provides for you.  Or if you, like me, are getting antsy and fidgety craving some cooler, darker, starrier nights,  just try to go with the flow and remember that this will pass and you will find your energetic balance again soon.

The image of the well above  reminded me of just how strongly the sunlight is reflected  in the water and can give an idea of  just how much the excess of sunlight can serve to heighten our emotions and to bring some of the uncomfortable aspects out into the harsh light of day to be achnowledged, healed and released. A very positive, if not always easy task.

With realisation of where my out of sorts feeling is coming from today I have been taking some Star channelled essences and this seems to have boosted me a bit. Awareness of how your system reacts to various energetic evens such as The Solstices, The Equinoxes and the different phases of moon , also what weather systems are good for you is a great ally to have and with the insights that this gives you – you can begin to understand when your more likely to feel extremely creative and resourceful and go with the flow or when you will be more likely to need to  take time out for self care and self reflection.

Flower & Vibrational essences are a great support as we take on this journey of self discovery and empowerment.

Solstice Blessings, xx