Gold Elixir

Gold Elixir

Gold Elixir –

A supportive essence to strengthen your self worth and awaken the Healing power of Gold within.


Gold Elixir


Gold Elixir:

This Essence is an upgrade and replacement for previous Essences of Integral Gold, Iridescent Gold and Golden Seal. The Mother tinctures of these 3 essences were used to create a synergistic blend with the additions of Gifted Gold, Gold in Trust and the elusive "lost" gold. Gold is a true master healer - it assists us on all energetic levels it supports from within, it seals and repairs our auric field and it helps assist the smooth flow of energy within us. When used in conjunction with our Fragments of Gold journey's it begins to open us up to our true value and worth. When we access this potential so many doors open for us and we are better able to integrate energy and to stand in our power.   For further information on our Fragments of Gold Journey you can read more Work With Me


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