There is nothing worse than the guilt and frustration that arises when feeling overwhelmed by a parenting issue. No matter what age your child and no matter what the issue is, it can reduce generally well-balanced parents to emotional wrecks. We all know the overwhelm of lack of sleep and insecurities that new babies bring but as children grow our parenting skills need to grow to match them. Parenting is a tough job (even though many would refuse to admit that) and for many reasons a parent who is generally able to cope can find that they are suddenly in the midst of some issue that pushes them to their limit and completely overwhelms them. This can feel even more exaggerated if you are the parent of a special needs child.

It’s not something that we like to discuss with others. It’s scary to admit that you need support and fear of judgement often means that these feelings get bottled up and keep us from being able to work through the issues and come out the other side. I work with parents to explore the emotions that are surfacing and help them find ways to allow them to feel more able to cope. There is no judgement – it doesn’t matter how trivial you may feel the issue is or how huge an obstacle you feel it is. The point is if it’s an issue for you, its something that should be addressed.

I will help you explore and make sense of how you are feeling and support you, while enabling you to  reduce the emotional overwhelm ,allowing you to come back to that place of personal balance where parenting once more becomes a joy.

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