There is a fluidity to the energies at the moment and we are learning to be masters the new waters that surround us. We have opportunities to choose and with our choice comes the manifestation of how exactly we will roll with the necessary changes.

If we don’t approach our issues with inquisitiveness and a willingness to change we can get caught up in the net of illusion that we create for ourselves.

When we struggle we drop below the surface and feel dragged down in the fluid depths – hopeless and despairing of a way out, and yet if we focus and calm ourselves we begin to notice that we are still breathing and can make efforts to resurface.

Rather than huge fighting efforts it is a  gentle letting go and not struggling, surrendering to the flow but focussing on a positive outcome. Its almost an inner knowing that our initial thoughts are testing us in some way and that what we had initially perceived as reality – was a projection of the old trying to reclaim us and pull as back into a state of panic and fear. It can be strange and a little fun to watch this play out as its almost like a comedy where you are playing both roles and know can see through the charade.

This is NOT who we are, and we should question everything especially when we feel the “here we go again” type energy surface. Question if it is relevant to your situation, is it a default response to old programming that is no longer required

Grace and ease is a key word and no matter what life throws at us, if we are aware, discerning and honest with ourselves then we can glide on through any hiccups effortlessly. My essence of choice to help me navigate these times is ” Grace & Ease” made from a stunning White and magenta Phalaenopsis Orchid.

We are being given the opportunity to master our inner critic and lets face it, we would do far better without a nagging nelly voice that tries to talk us out of being our wonderful, powerful self. Bring humour and lightness to the table and watch as you unravel the ties of the old that still try to bind us.

Wishing you a smooth and steady journey back to owning your power! Namaste