One of those days from the minute you open your eyes you can just feel the tension build.  Overslept by twenty minutes, tripped over a pair of shoes in the rush to the bathroom, someone has used the towel and not popped a clean one in.   Then dog finding the best sniffing place EVER as you try to fit in the quick walk before work.  When you finally set off the traffic is busy, then you realise when you’re just about there that the lunch you carefully prepared last night is still in the fridge at home.

You arrive at work to a pile of paper work that has miraculously appeared in the night and it’s the intricate fiddly stuff that is time consuming and laborious. Feeling irritated that your plans for the day will be out the window in favour of spending hours churning through this unwelcome visitor.

You can add your own typical frustrating day in place of mine but I’m sure you get the picture.

It can suddenly feel like you’re at breaking point and everything and everyone seems to add to this horrible feeling. Even the sound of the telephone or the radio can begin to needle you.  It flows over into how you’re feeling about the people around you, about life in general and it even has an effect of your digestive system, causing upset or even pushing your buttons to over eat or to not eat at all.

Life in this moment now feels very complicated and stressful!  Your sensitivities are in overdrive and you feel so overwhelmed that you can’t focus clearly, never mind make sense of the paperwork that is like a huge waving red flag in front of you!  

You can continue on this stress treadmill. BUT... What if you could take charge and allow yourself to release the tension?   Slowly, Easily, Effortlessly……

Firstly breathe! Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing, noticing how your breath feels as it enters your nostrils, following it down into your lungs feeling your chest expand and know your blood is being nourished by the oxygen intake. Breathe out through your mouth again following the breath up and out, feeling its warmth as it leaves your body taking with it anything energetically that isn’t good for you. Do this a few times keeping focus on the breath and not allowing it to wander into thoughts (It will only take 2 minutes but If you feel awkward doing this at your desk you could remove yourself and go make a cuppa in the rest room or even take a quick trip to the loo!) This is a really effective technique to just drop your stress level and allow clear thinking to return.

My go to essence at this time would be Bach flower essence Impatiens. It is a great essence for releasing tension and restoring a calmer feeling in our bodies and minds. It helps release the irritated, coiled spring feeling smoothing our energy and helping us back to focus and calm.

Combining this essence with the 2 minute breathing space practice is a quick and effective way in restoring us to our rational self. In fact the more you begin to notice this reaction happening in its early stages you can take some essence right away and breathe knowing that it will help stop the tension building to any great level. Have a fabulous, empowered day <3


I work with sensitive and emotionally overwhelmed people, helping them find clarity and ways to feel empowered, calmer and more able to enjoy everyday life ~ even when challenged.

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