The recent white out across the UK has had me thinking on just how much this type of curved ball can send a sensitive person into a bit of a spin. It’s not so much as the event or circumstances but the responses that it brings.
Often, as highly sensitive souls we have a very strong nurturing streak and anything that brings difficulties to others triggers our need to step up to help them or sort things out. Again this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can cause us to become frazzled as we battle against the odds (in this case the snow and the restrictions it brought) to try and cater for those around us needs.

We get caught up in the very yang process of a great need to “do” something when often a softer place of balance between yin/yang brings its own unique qualities. We have to “be” enough so that we can hear our inner guidance to know we are “doing” what is needed and is the most suitable course of action.
When caught up like this we totally overlook our own needs and here lies the root of our problem. We put ourselves to the back of the queue, and go into hyper drive bustling and fussing over others, and it almost seems the more obstacles we come across, the more we feel the need to push against them.

Whilst admirable on some levels and almost always fascinating how our resourcefulness comes out. Our baking and making skills are often accessed as is our creative approach to problem solving. We often push our options to the extreme and just don’t like to admit defeat on a practical level (or actually on any level). However emotionally we can feel that we have reached our “limit” and just couldn’t possibly handle “One more thing”
We aren’t super human and need to remember to honour our own boundaries and to rest up both physically and mentally. Boundaries on all levels – mental, physical, spiritually and emotionally are very important to highly sensitive souls.
Poor physical boundaries lead to exhaustion; on a basic level we are expending a lot of energy without taking any steps to replenish it in any way. Poor mental boundaries can mean our thoughts are in over drive and we feel frazzled. Many describe it as not being able to hear themselves speak for the noisy thoughts spiralling through their mind. Spiritually we can fall into either end of the scale and can feel totally disconnected or be so absorbed on a spiritual level that we aren’t grounded enough to bring through our ideas into the physical realm. Emotionally poor boundaries lead to a feeling of confusion and helplessness. We are so porous that what we pick up emotionally from others can be mistaken as our own.

Without a little self care we will burn out and be of no real help to those we had set out to help in the first place.
When feeling frazzled ask yourself a few quick and simple questions

Have I eaten lately? – We are often very prone to overlooking even our most basic needs. Eating is also a really good way to bring energy fully into the body not only are we replenishing some energy from the food but we bring our energy focus fully into the body in the process of digestion.
Am I having proper rest and /or enough sleep? – Often pushing through the tiredness barrier or not sleeping well due to an overactive mind becomes the norm. Rest when you feel tired and try to keep to as regular a sleep pattern as you can. (without worrying or trying to adopt a sleep pattern that just isn’t right for our bodies – remembering your unique pattern is best)

Have I compromised my boundaries? If so stop and allow yourself space to reset boundaries, we often don’t stop to think about boundaries and even affirming them to ourselves helps put us back on track – and don’t forget to let others know what you need from them.

Is this mine? – Often we get so caught up with others stuff that we react to the energy they are putting out and the emotions we feel aren’t even our own. ( in this case detaching from what is causing the issue will help bring perspective.

Stop and Breathe! – A minute of conscious breathing can be all we need to ground ourselves in the physical and clarify just what is needed. It also quickly reduces our anxiety levels. (As long as you don’t cheat and allow the mind monkeys to talk over your tranquillity)

I have managed to readjust how I was reacting to the external and to bring a bit more clarity. so I am just off for a rest now.

I hope you manage to find your way through whatever is causing you unrest and can adopt this strategy or one similar to help make sure that burnout is a distant memory.


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Much love

Sally xxx