Fragments of Gold

Gold healing properties are an integral part of our continued and cellular expansion

Gold is THE catalyst and THE key

Fragments of Gold – 5 days guided and supported Immersion into the healing properties of Gold.

Followed by a 25 day journey with the starlight energies of Aldebaran & The Pleiades – focussing  our matrilineal entanglement.

Culminating in the bridge between the Pleiades and Vega which gifts us the energy of lasting change. 

Do you want to enable more I coherent healing both within your own body and for your healing practice with others?

Do you want to raise and more importantly maintain that increased vibration?

Would you like to increase your levels of spiritual connection and intuition?

Do you want to explore your own inner Gold and self-worth?

Do you have several “threads” in your life that you would like to bring together more coherently?

Do you want to let your life purpose flow through you unhindered?

Do you carry unhelpful patterns from your matriarchal lineage and would you like to heal those generational patterns?

Come and explore and be supported as you allow the potent portal of energy that is the bridge between Aldebaran and the Pleiades to guide you to what is needed both personally and collectively. 


How this works

The Journey will begin on 1st November 2020.  Once you sign up and join you will be emailed a link to the private Facebook support group.  

Each day you will be sent an information sheet to help focus on a specific fragment of Gold. Some of the topics we will look at include:

Your personal relationship to Gold,

Gold Healing properties throughout history 

The virtues of Gold and different ways of tapping into this energy 

On days 2,3 and 4 you will receive a short guided meditation to help you expand your connection with Gold. 

Support will be offered daily via the Facebook group and you will have opportunities to ask any questions that you may have. Helping you to stay focussed and also to explore your journey more fully. 

The journey will then take us into exploring our matrilineage, there will be guidance, meditations and support within the group. The journey will take us in which ever direction is needed and there will be essences supporting us energetically as we go. The journey will culminate with the linking of the Pleiades and Vega which is an incredibly powerful bridge.

There will also be at least one zoom meeting that you are welcome to attend. 

( please note more personal 1: 1 support is available at an additional cost – please contact me if you wish to explore this option) 


The investment for this one off journey is  £97 for the full 30-day supported process. 

This includes all guidance, meditations and Facebook Group support plus 2 essences to support the journey. 


You can join the Gold & Starlight Alchemy Group for a subscription of £42 per month. This subscription gives you access to:

A monthly focus working with either Starlight or Gold and a corresponding essence to support you. 

All Group online Fragments of Gold Journeys

All Group Starlight Weavings

All group Chakra healing focusses 

Access to zoom chats/webinars when offered

Access to ongoing support via the Facebook group to help you to process and make the most of your journeys

Special rates for in person workshops and more personal support

10% off any essences from The EeeShel Trinity Range

A safe space for you to explore your experiences. 

Please choose from the options below. 

Option 1 

Fragments of Gold & Starlight guidance and support £97.00 


Option 2 – Monthly subscription to the Gold & Starlight Alchemy Group, as per above £42 monthly.