Energy is fluid in its movements and as we dance with this cascading energy – we too are part of this dance and  are constantly growing and expanding ourselves, our ideas, our energy and our trajectory in life. Always shedding outdated modes of being and unhelpful patterns.

Sometimes the shifts are small and swift, other times they can be a long process that requires a lot of self exploration and work. Sometimes they flow with ease other times we can feel totally fragmented for a while and then need to work on pulling all the pieces together again in our new updated template.

Often when we are first pursuing what we see as our path we can become overwhelmed and feel that we are stuck – there are many reasons for this feeling but more about that at a later date.

The further along your spiritual path you are the more often this process is repeated. It eventually becomes like second nature but you learn quickly to discern when things are going smoothly and when you need to look for external input to provide the support and encouragement to take the process to the next stage.

It is like constantly being in a state of pregnancy and birth. We seed  ideas and changes, we gestate and nurture them and then finally birth them. Sometimes some idea, concept or work, in what ever form it takes,  is birthed through us.  Other times it is like we ourselves are reborn to an upgraded version of who we are. Finding someone to be your “Ascension Midwife” can really help you to understand how to explore this process and to fully engage and get the most out of it.

We need to learn how to self inquire but also to create a dialogue with the energy that we are working with. One of our greatest helps which is sadly often one of the most overlooked is that we firstly need to really get to know ourselves to know our weaknesses and to build on them where we can turning them into ally’s rather than shackles that bind us. To know our own energy so that we can discern swiftly what isn’t ours. To understand how we process things and what we need in order to shift anything that takes on a stuck energy.

We must always be accountable for our own energy and for our choices in our interactions in the world. The choice of reaction is always within us. It isn’t about being perfect and never having a negative thought or deed. It’s about being real and in noticing when we are aligned or when we have entered into a lower vibrational exchange of energy. Its in choosing to let go what no longer resonates with us and finding and embracing what does.

It is really important to continue the learning, growth and expansion process. It is also important to find people who can support you in various areas of your life this can range from simply having friends and family who support you but it also should include therapists who can work in various ways to help you when energy is out of alignment or in need of a boost. It can also entail finding a coach or mentor for the times when your own discernment falters and needs a helping hand.


However the BIG thing with this is to choose wisely!

There are no rights or wrongs and what you need is to find a team that supports you and doesn’t enforce their views or dogmas onto you. If someone offers to do the work for you or refuses to acknowledge that your own version of events is right for you and that you only need support to work through it my advice would be to run a mile and fast!

Always trust your own intuitive judgement above all else. Others are only there to support and guide you not mould you to their ways.

There is a real need for this support network though and I am also often interested in what my support team do to enhance their growth. Don’t be afraid to look around and to ask questions to make sure that you are compatible with who you choose to support you.  No matter who you work with you will have to be prepared to put in work and effort yourself. The more you put in the more you get out of it.

When it comes to energetic expansion, stagnation is never a good option. We all need to be upgrading our knowledge and skills regularly. That doesn’t mean continuously taking courses in more and more things but honing and updating our skills and updating our thought patterns and perceptions of reality and also remembering to care for our physical and emotional wellbeing as part of that mix.

As we grow we shed many skins and a timely reminder that true growth is not the addition of adornments in whatever shape or form they take but in the stripping away of all the unnecessary and cumbersome baggage that we have carried often not just in this life but from many previous ones. The process is not always an easy one but is always worth its weight in gold in the end.


If you are looking to find your support team I may well be able to help. So why not arrange a free chat to gain insight around your needs. Here is my diary link

If I cant help you I have a strong support network that I can point you in the right direction for what you need.

I look forward to interacting with you in the near future

With Starlight love


Sally xxx