It seems the word for today has been sensitivity. I can be prone to being very sensitive and have had to learn how to shield my energy in order to function. Senstivity can take many forms, and we dont always realise that the emotional discord that we feel is initially from our own reactions to other people, events or situations in our lives. There are many ways that this manifests but if we dont manage to nip it in the bud we can become drained and over emotional. This in turn feeds our sensitivity building a crescendo of emotions and feelings that  can feel like deep wounds making us hyper reactive in thoughts and actions, while often rendering us feeling incapable of doing anything.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being sensitive and infact it can have a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to helping others. We can be more intune with what they are feeling and better able to support them.

I have found that dealing with others who are also sensitive can make things even harder. This can be especially relevant when dealing with children who are highly sensitive or on the autistic spectrum. However when we take on too much  energy we begin to lose our boundaries and cant decipher between “ours” and “theirs” and its this place of overwhelm and heightened awareness that can send us into a vulnerable emotional state, one that renders normal functioning a great effort.

There are many vibrational essences that can help us to take back our own power and to keep strong energetic boundaries that will help diffuse the emotional turmoil that we can feel.  Two of my “go to ” essences at times like this are Ground Moss or Walnut Moss both help in different ways but definately help me find the core calm and strength to keep me from being overwhelmed. Its like finding my own little breathing space.

 which vibrational essences will you allow into your life to support you today?

To find out how you can support yourself or others with  when sensitivity challenges, contact me for a sensitive souls chat via

With Much Love    ~ Sally