Have you always felt there was something important you should be doing but could never quite put your finger on it?

Do you bury this feeling under a mound of day to day stuff until it surfaces and the feeling of dissatisfaction raises its head again?

I fully understand your pain  ~  I was that person too!

Sometimes it is easier to stick with what we know than getting out of our comfort zone and allowing those uncomfortable places lead us towards something new. That fear of not being good enough, that feeling of being too vulnerable if we dare to be different, the fear of being judged. The list is endless.

The loneliest I have ever felt was not being alone but being surrounded by people who were so totally different from me and my constant striving to try and understand these people and to find how to squeeze myself into a box that just wasn’t for me.

Unfortunately this happens too often for too many people. Is it any wonder we feel overwhelmed and jaded, even more so when that nagging feeling of having to break out and find our true path arises.

As children we gravitate to what we love and what feeds our soul, however as we grow we learn that these things often bring negative attention from friends and adults. We feel that we need to somehow blend in with those around us so that we don’t fall victim of ridicule or exclusion. We leave our soul passions gathering dust in some long forgotten corner of ourselves.

When the feeling that you need to do something “more” it is that little spark that is in that dusty corner that is desperately trying to get our attention.

The truth is If we spend our lives being something we’re not then this feeling is never going to go away!

My biggest catalyst to finding what and where those puzzle pieces were was Vibrational Essences, they assist us in self enquiry and help us to be aware of what we need and also the outdates patterns that hold us back from achieving this.

When I began connecting with the Starlight Essences I opened up the part of myself that had been trying to get my attention for most of this lifetime and I also reconnected to my souls starlight blueprint that brought in a whole new outlook on life.

I have found others also benefit from connecting to that starlight part of themselves. We all have that connection, we are all aware of the influence of astrology has for us and that links external starlight to the light we hold inside.

Here is what Sharon had to say about her experience of the meditation:

“Receiving my Starlight Immersion has been a beautiful way to re-connect with an aspect of my Being I’ve been unconscious of in this lifetime.

I felt that by receiving this immersion a ‘missing piece’ of Nature has been restored to me…a part which is fundamental to so many other parts… but which until now has been totally overlooked                                                                                                                                                                                             Sally holds a beautiful and safe space to allow this re-connection to happen. I found the experience profound, simple, and deeply nourishing. It’s like I’ve called a missing part of myself back home.Thank You Sally”

I would like to offer you the opportunity of a free guided “ Starlight Immersion meditation” with the supportive energy of Moldavite – The star born stone of transformation. This meditation will assist you to explore that part of you hidden in the dusty recess and help you find your way forward that feeds your soul.

Sign up for your free copy here :  https://sallyarthursemotionalwellbeing.activehosted.com/f/10