There has been some tricky energy about these past few weeks, not least caused by the eclipses, Solar flares and planetary influences! There have been a whole lot of intensely irritated and tense people and it’s interesting that a few weeks into this icky phase that there are lots of coughs, headaches, skin irritations and other “reactive” symptoms being reported. Almost everyone I know is experiencing at least one of the above!  Long forgotten health issues are also being triggered, weird and wonderful long forgotten symptoms that have been held deep within our cells and with allergic reactions that don’t seem to have a notable source.

All symptoms are products of various forms of irritation to one or more factor externally and it’s interesting to look at what’s going on around us right now.

On a global scale so many are being pulled into the reactivity phase and buying into the stories they are hearing external to themselves, which is complicating things for them. Remember focus inwards, feel into your own core and stay true to your own vibration. When you feel an onslaught of thought or emotion, sit with it and allow your energy to re-calibrate and settle before discerning a course of action, if indeed any action needs taken. Don’t allow the external to knock you sideways or spiral you into a loop of conditioned reactivity.

The incoming planetary influences have been quite intense, to the point of being physically palpable and somewhat relentless, although not yet understood on a conscious level. The physical body can’t always process energy without triggering cellular memory responses and the complications that they can cause. It is also desperately trying to run a “programme” to “deal” with the external rather than allowing it to flow deflecting or allowing it to flow through on our inner compasses guidance.

The changes can seem viral in nature to our body and it can kick and fight trying to claim status quo but it needs to learn to let go and flow with the cellular alterations that are taking place.

The importance of self care and self containment can’t be stressed enough; only from our own inner core and compass can we really function effectively. Be discerning of what you allow into your awareness and energy field and keep strong boundaries.

If you really want to dig into this, look at the symptoms that are surfacing and trace them back through your life to when they have surfaced previously, what was going on for you emotionally at that time may well be the key to healing and releasing on a cellular level!

Trust the process and stay true to yourself!

I’m so glad I have the support of my Essences to help me navigate these strange times!

You’ve got this ….. Sally xxx